black . hole

Dear daddy,  Why didn't you visit me? I miss you so much! There is so much I want to tell you.  If you are by my side, what would you tell me? Should I stay and fight? Or look for a new challenge?  One thing for sure, you'll tell me you trust my decision. And you're always proud of me.  Thanks for giving me the strength to be who I am the courage to follow my heart and the passion to fight for the right cause.  The hole in my heart will never be healed, coz I'll miss you forever. Daddy I love you! 

I miss you Daddy

There is so much I wanted to share about losing daddy The one and only person on earth who raised me like a princess Allowing me to be myself regardless of my decisions - good or bad ones  I still don't quite believe what happened was real  After 2 weeks  I do understand daddy has gone to a better place, but what's a better place for me without daddy  Everyone moved on, me too  But deep down in my heart I am still asking why  Why did this happen  Why my daddy  He is a good person, the good deed he has done is definitely more than I did, why take my daddy away from me?  Perhaps this is a hard lesson for me that not all questions in this world have an answer  And daddy's love will never be gone  Even though he has left me physically, being on quarantine these two weeks would be the last gift from daddy  I do not have to deal with people whom I dislike  I do not have to answer questions that would annoy me  I have my me time in the hotel reminiscing all the memories with daddy


陈嘉玲让我看见我自己 从小就努力要让自己和别人不一样 长大了又努力不让自己变得跟别人太不一样 到最后心里最想的就只是自由自在做自己 很多人都说日子很长 要努力工作才有能力做自己喜欢的事 也有人说日子很短 今天不勇敢踏出第一步就永远原地踏步 所以呢 陈嘉玲选择了自己想走的路 我想我也是 我从来就与众不同 加油!

im back

im finally back after my last post 5 months ago i quit my job attended spence's wedding in hk went to india for community project then visit sis in beijing & shanghai and now im going to start my new job soon new challenge for me but it's something i have been looking forward to good pay. lots of annual leave. opportunity to travel wishing myself all the best way to go little lulu


   visiting art galleries in shanghai and beijing  i realised i actually enjoy traveling alone i enjoyed getting lost, wandering in alleys 

merry christmas!

  a very simple yet satisfying christmas brunch!   followed by grilled vege and baked salmon and pumpkin soup for dinner     happy to meet chin for a stroll at orchard road  christmas lights is not as pretty as previous years but it's super awesome to get to meet close friend   same ritual every year  sending regards and best wishes on behalf of santa  and i cant wait to see the smile of the recipients :) 

end of the world

四年前 世界沒有末日 所以我必須找工作 努力生活 四年后 世界依然如常 我依然努力工作 希望有一天可以隨心做自己喜歡的事 再過四年 世界會末日嗎 我可以如願以償嗎


在葡萄小鎮的一大收穫就是認識了出名設計師依凡。 依稀記得在arts market看過她的品牌,但真的沒想到她那麽出名。 覺得幸運不是因爲認識了名人,而是她和我一樣愛講話,哈哈! 在葡萄園大家忙著剪葡萄,因爲我們的薪水是以當天的收成計算的。 衹有她一面工作一面陪我聊天。大家都說整個葡萄園就衹聽見我們兩個的聲音。 很快的因爲工作不穩定,我們就各散東西。 在離別前我們拍了張很有新年氣息的合照: 一帆風順,如意吉祥。 然後她就和三劍客離開了。而我就搬到 homestay,繼續在葡萄園工作。 冬天的時候,她到滑雪場探望我。 春天的時候,我到農場探望她。 最神奇的是她和三劍客里最安靜的 khoo 在一起。雖然神奇,但當她叫我猜的時候,我馬上就猜中了。 working holiday過後,住在 johor 的她竟然搬到最北部的 perlis 愛相隨。 最近還結婚了!很替他們開心! 上次她到KL和singapore擺攤,我還偷偷去給她驚喜。 見面時我們依然説個不停,雖然好久不見。還要麻煩khoo幫忙顧攤,這不好意思。 每次看見她的作品都會很驕傲的和其他朋友說:哦我認識這個設計師! 有些朋友,認識了就是一輩子,就算我們好幾年都不曾見面。 祝福她越來越紅!