Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: the end

yao's farewell

graduation - thanks daddy + mummy

melaka food trip

sg pisang-ed


singapore with sis

2008: it seems like i've spent almost half of the time with the raleigh family... mummy is jealous already... haha... enjoy-ed the entire 2008... the greatest achievement is definitely the courage to board on borneo expedition... the experience is WONDERFUL... i miss SABAH...

moving forward in 2009, i would like to spend more time with daddy, mummy, ying, yong, and sheng... lets take more family potraits... haha... not forgetting the raleigh gang and 5+3... thanks for being with me throughout the year...

gotta work harder too... haha... jia you jia you!!!

2008: third quarter

hong kong

1st comm meet


happiest moment of the year - when YAO is back

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008: second quarter

painting the hostel @ danum valley

end of expedition but it's not the end yet...

lots of walking around sabah... from south to north...

im home - all tanned n fit =p

helping pei ting at her race... had lots of fun with drama queen ai ai

june iw - go alpha go...

2008: first quarter

internship @ ROOTS for the second time

fundraising - jumble sales n more sales =)

getting ready for expedition - borneo, here i come

my first week in sabah - celebrated my 22nd bday with delta 6

got my open water diving license @ mamutik

long pasia - nice scenery with great people

believe it or not: i built a kindergarten in kg tampasak

Monday, December 29, 2008

xmas trees around the lion city


opposite raffles hotel * cant recall the name of the shopping complex

somewhere along orchard

singapore plaza

bugis junction

suntec * food republic

suntec 2

suntec 3

boat quay * where all the banks are located...

obviously, this is not a christmas tree =p
PHOTOS FOR THE FUTURE... i have been working on this project for 2 months... 1 more month to go... am so proud to see the billboards around singapore... am so proud to tell everyone i met, hey i am part of this campaign... support me by submitting your pictures and stories @

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

mamutik or pangkor?

a super fun trip with my raleigh family... duck noodle at bidor... fighting over sin chew daily at mc donalds... trying hard to get into the ferry... gossiping all the time... kayak-ed to a deserted island for phototaking... bbq-ed... ABC soup... longan with leong fun... PIMMS with orange juice... loads of sharings... breakfast by the beach... more gossiping... feeding the fishies... coconut jelly... seafood at kampung cina... AMAZING loh~

Monday, December 22, 2008

self declared holiday

there are a few resaons why should today be a holiday:
  1. Koo Kien Keat just won the Super Series Finals... wow... that's amazing!!
  2. I'm still very tired after the pangkor - mamutik - sipadan trip.... =)
  3. My sis just came back from KK today... i miss her loh... wanna listen to her expedition stories...
  4. I'm simply lazy to work.. so i need a break... hahaha...

so is today a holiday? NOPE =(

Friday, December 19, 2008

HINO Prime Movers Launch

wanna know what i do as a PR practitioner? i get to pose with a mega truck... haha...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Photos for the Future

In every home, there are some special photographs that hold not just precious sentimental value but also possibly valuable historical significance. The History Channel (Astro Channel 555) launches Photos for the Future today as a key initiative to invite viewers across Asia to step up and proudly share these photographs together with the unique personal stories behind them.

Whether these photos were taken 80 years ago, or just 8 months before, any photo which tells a story is welcomed. The History Channel seeks photos that help mark a moment, a period or an event in history – photos that show the changing faces of familiar local streets, the fashion trends or the customs from generations before. Even photos of your family’s very first television set, grandpa’s youthful escapades, or your adventures to places and continents far and strange, these moments captured on film may just find their place in the virtual archive of Photos for the Future.

What do you want the future generations to know and remember of your lives and that of your forefathers?

For details on Photos for the Future, a The History Channel initiative, please visit

How to participate:

Photos: Photos can be scanned or carefully re-photographed at high resolution with a digital camera.

Stories: We would like to know the people in it and the background to the photograph, and tell us in less than 400 words.

Contest Date: From 10 Nov 2008 to 31 January 2009

Simply upload your photos and stories through and stand a chance to win a digital photo frame. You may even get to see your photo on TV!

(The best 20 entries will be selected from Malaysia, each will receive a branded digital photo frame.)

Share the past with the future, Photos for the Future.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

day out with 5+3 (-2)

had loads of fun shopping plus chatting with ah yee n ah you... it has been such a long time since 5+3 gathered and exchange gossips... when will be out next outing? look forward to our annual trip...

let's go somewhere together next year k... the complete 5+3 has never gone on a holiday together... we are always missing 1 or 2 members... lets make it a complete 5+3 trip next year...