Friday, July 30, 2010

land below the wind

i'll be fine =)

not going. not going.

ok. no miracles. coz this is not disneyland. im not a princess. so i gotta work.
kk - tawau - sebatik - sandakan - telupid - ranau
see u all next time.
sorry sis. cant follow u back to kampung. promise i will visit u again.

ps: sis = shuwoan =)

what if?

what if i cant get to go sabah?
i do not want to think about it. it's really SAD =(
i hope when i wake up in the morning, i get good news. super good news. plsss...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1 week - 7 days

7 days, till i visit the land below the wind... shuwoan!!
4 days, till sis going back to HKU...
2 days, till i send another weekly report. meeting kelvin. farewell for sis.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

congrats, little oil

another 5+3 member graduated, yay!
welcome to join the young-working-adults-club
jiayou jiayou jiayou!!!
on behalf of 5+3, we wish ah you gets posted nearer to KL
so i will not lose the only 5+3 member who's around me

xiao you and her course mate
me and my raleigh mate =)
alvin, you should consider taking gap year *expedition*

Friday, July 23, 2010

it's friday.. woohoo!

this is how i spent my time... hahaha.... besides that, i worked hard throughout the week...
revising press release. preparing media kit. disseminating monthly & weekly highlights.
also daydreaming... hahaha.... a busy week.
cant wait for the weekend. no raleigh activities.
will be attending xiao you's convo. on behalf of 5+3.
one of my duties as the vice president. =)

okay, too much craps with spence. im missing HK again. hate n love that.
please get me a job in hk in 2012. so i could work n die there. since it's end of the world.

going sabah in less than 2 weeks. quite excited. a compulsory annual holiday.
to replenish the 'chi'. of expedition n life. n luyi-not-so-common-dreams. or whatever u call it.
still considering telupid. shall i go again?
i miss the roti susu. n the super kind souls who helped me last year, when i lost my phone there.

have been sleeping till 11am everyday. since mentakab.
why am i so tired? i dunno. seriously.
okay, time for more photo editing. n pps.
ciao =)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

postcard from UK

received postcard from UK today. not from ah yao.
it's from spence who's a fren from raleigh hong kong. the msg is so darn funny.
thanks for the postcard! and the clarifications. haha.
im sure i'll be visiting u guys again. erm soon. =)

Monday, July 19, 2010

happy = simple = life

sis is leaving next sunday
a bit emo. we've got a lot of unfinished business
dessert. movie. 100 yen shop. pasar malam
2 months is too short lah...

kg mentakab is awesome!

the trip started with some detour around bentong
finally settled at chamang waterfall. the carpark. haha
slept soundly throughout the nite. despite the annoying flying insects
next morning, after some drama of burning flames,
head to the town for breakfast n of coz ice cream!

mentakab is a small town with no attraction literally
but no worries, we had lots of fun
tea time. shopping. watching tv. reading book
visiting dino's school. camwhoring
admiring dino's childhood photos. talking. badminton
n of coz laughing! haha =)

dinner time was another drama time
had fun watching shon eating crab
more talking n laughing
ikan bakar at temerloh is yummy. a bit too salty
back to dino's for more party

the uniform party is awesome!
taekwondo fighting - wushu performances
cadets marching - choir singing
n some one malaysia stunts. haha
we love mentakab!

Friday, July 16, 2010

work then travel

woke up this morning with a few new emails in the inbox
all work related. n one labeled urgent
but it's friday. it's party time in less than 10 hours.
yet i have to draft a press release and it's due today =(

my heart is now heading to bentong. waiting for the yummy ice cream.
had fun catching up with leong last nite
for burger n more gossips. oops i mean exchanging of info
another round of operasi in mentakab. yay!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

im lazy

excited to know that ah yao likes torres too, haha
his poster/standee can be seen everywhere in bangkok
but dont think this is yeng
he looks better when he puts his jersey on
ah yao ar, do u know he has a kid already? =(

im sure i look cuter than his baby!

yes me and my KRS
did i tell anyone i join KRS because i like the uniform?
haha, typical luyi
i found my beret. love it.
was wearing it whole nite while chatting with shon on msn. haha

the 5+3 reunion
we all miss ah yao, our dear president
hope to see u gals more often =)

Monday, July 12, 2010


world cup has ended this morning. with spain winning the cup.
the only reason im supporting spain: fernando torres. he's HOT. haha. typical.
not a football fan but i do watch world cup.
england is always my fav. they're not very good though.
i think i like england becoz of beckham! haha...

the usual kepong football gang left 3 of us. me leong n sis.
we were busy talking about the rescue of an owl-looking bird.
it's really an awesome experience. to rescue a bird. from the market.
when leong called me to ask for help. i thought it was a prank. until i saw the bird.
thanks to richard the birdie expert, we learnt a lot about the bird.
bird can also undergo depression. interesting fact!
the moral of the story:
i have a bunch of weird, yet knowledgeable and kind raleigh friends. haha.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

friends for life

i miss the melaka trip with munseng, peiting n kangjie
the work n travel trips with aiai, pohkiat n weisen
i miss my kepong gang. badly
they know me well. they listen to my craps
they love me =)

gtalk is amazing. it brings us together. across the oceans
and made our days. take care ppl
see u in aug!

glad that i get to chat with them. today n yesterday
random topics. but it's amazingly awesome!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


first yum cha after ms sulan was back from her backpacking
glad that she widen her horizon.
glad that she's able to speak up when necessary.
cant believe dino did not wash her shirt. after agm =.="

im so proud. 5 out of 8 power delta-ians attended the first monthly meet.
too bad their mama is not a fan of hiking. haha.
happy to meet them this morning n managed to catch up after so long.
i miss them. a lot.

final final farewell for octopus. he's lame to the max
3 of us nearly vomited blood in mcd
thank god we have very high level of adaptability to weirdo
dude, enjoy your journey back. n u owe us a drink + an ice-cream

Thursday, July 08, 2010

kill paul the octopus

i hate PAUL!
PAUL is a mad octopus!
kill PAUL!
wooray! wooray!
OK, i'll kill him tonite!

no more PAUL in the headlines.. it's so sad to see an octopus being featured in the headlines. i'll make PAUL disappear ASAP!


Tuesday, July 06, 2010