Sunday, March 29, 2015

surprises n more surprises!

celebrated my 2nd anniversary with best best team mate. dinner and movie date concluded the celebration. i had a happy night despite the argument during the day. thank you! 

2 years with the team 
time to say good bye, haha! 

Sunday, March 08, 2015

7 March

a date to remember. didn't expect it coming but i have no regrets. life is full of surprises anyway :) 

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Feb is my FAVORITE month

my 29th birthday 
made my very precious birthday wishes with birthday sundae 
and my fav drink
yes, gotta admit drinking is one of my fav past time now
so what, im already 29 :P

thanks to everyone who celebrated by big day with me 
i know all of you love me. im blessed! 

met the girls whom i know for more than 20 years 
told them a very shocking news, am glad they're with me 
thank you so much for the friendship & support

CNY roadtrip to PD
we hiked. we swam. we ate. we drank. we talked 
i have the best siblings! 

thanks for visiting the museum with me on such a hot day 

the last surprise in Feb 
best team mate got me sparkles as reward for helping him while he was away
didnt expect we'll end up having a wonderful night together

thank you everyone for the sweet memories in Feb 
i look forward to welcoming March
2 weddings to attend
visiting sis and frens in HK 
and it's the last month of the first quarter in 2015
oh, March you better be awesome!