Sunday, February 28, 2010

picka bond bond

the nite was great.. with pretty gals.. n not very handsome guys.. haha.. ya there's no good looking guys in raleigh =P
we had dinner at porto romano mont kiara.. but as usual drama happened...
first: ms sesat no1 told her driver she knows the way to mont kiara but the puchong car went sesat to who-knows-where-it-is...
second: ms dino wore a very lady like blue dress with her new converse.. that's not the worst yet.. she somehow shouted: excuse me, i wanna go to the TOILET.. guess the whole restaurant knew Dino wants to pee.. haha...

discovery of the day: yang sulan is HOT!
after dinner, we proceed to Delicious for some drinks n dessert n more gossip sessions =)
then to poh-e's for practical training to casino..

ps: waiting for pictures from the fellow photographers

lets see how hot yang sulan is!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

excited again!

went hot spring on thursday nite.. it was my last day part-timing at the travel agency... it was supposed to be a dinner with raleigh sis since the next day was a public holiday.. but that definitely cant fulfill the raleigh-ness in us.. so someone suggested hotspring n it was second by shuwoan, our dolphin queen from sebatik.. haha..

so we went hotspring at 12am, as usual.. supposed to meet at the mcd near ucsi but we got lost, as usual, again.. =P we ended up meeting at iyc.. it's fated, haha.. proceed to hot spring with our drunken singing queen tam kalai.. she was singing mayday hokkien songs for at least 30mins n we could see ppl around her moving away.. but she insisted that she was not drunk.. that's day one.. oops, night one i mean.. =) reached home at 4.30am..

second day.. public holiday but im working.. went to ritz carlton to get dining vouchers.. then lowyat to get some quotations for laptop.. shopped a little in KL.. then went to puchong for yumcha n woon chin's house visit.. okay, im sure all of us had too much fun at woon chin's.. ribena with nata de coco.. cookies.. looking at her collection of pens.. her childhood pictures.. playing chor tai dee.. that's nite 2.. i reached home at 2.30am..

so tonite will be the third nite im going out with the raleigh-ians.. it's a formal dinner! gals are required to put on their pretty dresses n make up.. n guys are wearing tux, but i doubt that lar.. haha.. i was very excited bout the dinner few weeks back.. then not excited anymore early this week.. i blame the hot weather n my sore throat.. after talking about what to wear, which hairdo, what's the second round n all.. im excited now.. cant wait to see the gals tonite, n of coz the korean wannabe.. haha! i bet we'll be having a super great nite!

ps: vincent's grandfather past away so he couldn't join us tonite.. i feel really bad for my evil thought b4 this, no i did not curse his family members, it's some childish act that i have done... if you read this, i would like to tell u that i regret for what i have replied u in the past 2 months to all your sms-es.. i admit im a childish pig.. im sorry.. would u be my gps again?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

last day

bye bye weekly feedback
bye bye invoice
bye bye credit note
bye bye annual contribution letter
bye bye ivy, christine, aunties & HTT

hello, full time freelancer!

Friday, February 19, 2010


早上 6.30 起床开工
但为了 yap luyi sdn bhd 的未来
这就要请教 joey yap 大师了.. 哈哈 :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


新的一年正式开始 lah!!
it's time to work harder!
play harder!
get out there!!!

ps: i have finally recovered =)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

shall i try?

have been sick since my birthday.. sore throat, fever n flu.. it's super sad to get sick on CNY.. i cant eat all the snacks i like.. i cant even talk properly.. every time i swallow or talk i feel the pain.. it's damn annoying! really beh tahan de..

should i try the remedy discovered by ms yang sulan? vodka plus mango juice.. i think that's way too hardcore to cure sore throat with alcohol but if it works, i wouldn't mind.. i wanna talk!!

first of all where can i get vodka? besides going to the airport.. i think i shall call karlye n woon chin, the alcoholics.. haha..

Friday, February 12, 2010


red bean ice cream, oishii!

cupcake n cookies n lollipops from sweet sweet poh-e

cotton on from HK, thanks sis!

table for yapluyi sdn bhd, thanks ah pooh n ah chin

big head fifi from delta n co-coord.. my fav pressie of the year

my first accessorize pouch from UK, thanks BFF ah yao

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

thank you very much!

my bday celebration started on 7th feb.. when my dear fren, daniel wong mun seng msg me at 11.30pm to wish me happy bday.. i like his bday wish, but it wasn't my bday yet.. so i asked him why he wished me in advance.. n he replied: your bday is on 9th feb mah.. i really thought i slept 2 days 2 nights after marathon. but am i that tired? after checking the calendar, im sure i did not sleep for that long.. it's mun seng! haha.. he was blur, not me! anyway thanks a lot for the little drama!

got more msgs on 8 feb morning, again i suspected that:
1. ppl thought my bday falls on 8 feb, or
2. it's 9th feb already, without me noticing (but that's quite impossible)

but later on i think it's becoz of Facebook.. they saw the reminder of my bday so they wished me in advance, so they wont forget to wish me the next day.. oklah, i accepted the fact.

at nite, munseng ajak me to yumcha with wei sen n poh kiat. went to pappa rich kepong. luckily it's not bangsar, haha (those who know why, stop laughing) had my fav red bean ice with chendol, yum yum! had a great chat with the guys.. wei sen is still as blur as usual. glad to know that poh kiat enjoys his new job. liu sheng n kai yee joined us later on. was happy to meet kaiyee. has not been seeing her often since she she came back from aus. then we chatted till 12am. n finally they wished me happy birthday at the rite time. haha. thanks, everyone!

balik rumah. terkejut when i stepped into my room. i saw a table. it was karlye n christal. they hid in my room to surprise me.. haha.. luckily i din come home at 3am?! i like the table. n red egg. n red bean dessert. thanks gals! mummy, daddy, bros gave me ang pows. yeah i can shop!!

next morning - finally the actual day. took leave but i woke up at 8.15am coz liusheng ajak breakfast. i think the purpose of meeting up is not to makan, but to borak.. haha.. after breakfast, went home to clean my room. yea sis is coming back on fri, it's time to tidy up the mess.. it's only 50% done.. n im lazy. thanks poh-e for the cupcake surprise. haha.

lunch with xintong is another surprise. it's not a planned surprise. just coincidentally she's back n we manage to catch up. stories from aussie land, stories of shihchung, stories of her adventure... had banana rice at nirvanas. teh o ice limau is nice!

dinner with raleigh sisters - woonchin, poh-e, christal, karlye n xintong. no blindfold. no kidnap. no ice-cream. no beanie. no drama. but it was a great nite. nice food, nice chats, n nice frens. oh n nice ghost stories from poh-e too.. i really love the giraffe from my delta anaks. love it so so much! it's the best bday gift so far.. i named it Fifi. Fifi is my new pet! did i force them to buy giraffe for me? i guess not.. haha..

met adrian after dinner. yum cha. nothing to do with bday. but it was fun. we talked about starting own business. frens. chinese new year. hometowns. riddles. raleigh n non raleigh stuff. a cool way to end 9th feb 2010.

thanks everyone for the smses, FB msgs, phone calls... oh, the awesome card from peiting. n the lovely pressies. sis got me a pair of shoes from cotton on, yeah!! cant wait to meet xiao u n xiao yao on saturday! 5+3 will reunite!

birthday is the most important ocassion of the year. but, the only bad thing that happens on your birthday is, u get older =P i hope i get wiser n smarter. n expand yap luyi sdn bhd. haha..

Sunday, February 07, 2010

call me marathon runner!

yea yea, it's only 7.7km, not even considered a marathon.. but to luyi's standard it's a marathon already.. jogging / walking non stop for an hour n 5 mins... to me, that's marathon already!

yes i completed my first 7.7km run in 1 hour 5 mins.. 5 mins slower than yink heay n 1 min slower than poh-e.. i think i have done a great job! no medal though.. only zhi min managed to get the medal.. we are so happy for her.. coz can pinjam to take photos.. haha..

my motivation while running is the coca cola candy that i smartly hide in my bandanna.. i get 1 candy as reward every 20 mins.. n thinking of my europe / aussie / sabah travel plans also help me to keep running without having the time to think when i should stop.. i was so happy when i saw the familiar 1 malaysia building, heard the 'fa lun gong' band playing.. i know im getting nearer to the finishing line.. i nearly cried, im serious.. hahaha... tears of joy!

yeah, that's my first marathon.. i think i wouldn't mind taking up the 10km challenge.. but nothing more than that.. i would have to think a lot more than europe / aussie / sabah if im taking the 21km.. haha.. n thats not good for me..
coz, more traveling plans = lesser time to work = less money = spend more money.. haha..

Friday, February 05, 2010

a very random post

jan started off with new resolutions. new projects. new channels. new dreams. i guess 2010 will be another roller coaster ride for luyi. a good one of course. more trips to HK. haha. i am craving for mango dessert already.

ps: sis is coming back home in a week =)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

i've got mails =)

saw two mails on the desk when i reached home after work..

1 from Aus, definitely from peiting, coz i recognise her handwriting.. n she has the habit to write address in marker pen.. was already super excited when i saw her card.. the first bday card in 2010! wei, thanks a lot for remembering my birthday! n all the memories between us =)

i like the messages written in chinese.. haha..
i like to see u write in chinese..
i like the picture.. yeah malacca n penang..
we shall visit those places together again n take more pictures!
frens forever!!

another 1 is from UK.. i know it's not from xiao yao, the handwriting is nothing similar to hers.. lizzie just sent me a card in christmas, christian said sorry for not able to send me any cards this year.. so who else? william? he asked for my address.. or...
i was totally surprised when i opened it.. it's from my project manager, Penny! i have never imagined that my PM will send me mails... she's my PM in diving phase, then she joined us in danum too.. she's strict, follow all the safety rules kind of person, so i was not very close with her in expedition.. but i did enjoy doing 1-to-1 with her.. coz she is observant n i like her way of commenting the team in danum.. super cool eh..

when i saw the orang utans, i tot some1 might have brought the postcard or something to UK, then send it to me, coz they know i like borneo, to be exact, borneo expedition! but the card is printed in UK.. it means a lot to me.. greetings from the PM to celebrate the second anniversary of my borneo expedition.. thanks a lot Penny..

told yea, Feb is MY month!
oh and thanks to the taylors kepong gang for the treat at Tony Romas and Baskin Robbins..
i feel so so blessed with great people around me =)

Monday, February 01, 2010

my fav month

february is my favourite month coz it's MY month
yea, my birthday is the most important occasion in the year
it's not about the pressies (hey but who doesn't like pressies, haha) or the surprises, it's the blessings from people who care for you, remember you as well as taking effort to wish you on your big day..
i used to keep all the bday cards n sms-es i receive every year..
but after i lost my phone in sabah, all the msgs are gone too..
well i still keep the cards =P

feb 08 is also when i embarked on a raleigh expedition
my expedition meant a lot to me coz i have great team mates
i get along well with the team bcoz they celebrated my bday with me
i will not forget the bday song early in the morning
the bday card designed by alex the day leader
the bday song n greetings in malay during the sit rep practice
n the mini bday party - with cake n candles, just before i went into the jungle
i love alpha 6 bcoz all the memories we shared, also the gossips, haha
i spent about a month with 14 of them - ariana, alice, jenny, steph, anna, alex, will, tom, anu, jasper, andy, ed, sell, charlie
who love
caramel peanut, incredible hard cheese, vege curry, greasy dregs, dog curry, wild boar, head hunter party, maga falls, bat cave, crackers, banana chips, peanut brittles, KFC =)