Wednesday, March 31, 2010



最后决定开始 freelance,顾客也是自己送上门。我也没有付出什么。
现在,发现幸运其实并不好。感谢 Jia Yaw 让我明白这道理。

忽然问我如果 contract 被 terminate 了,我该怎么办,还真地把我吓了一跳。

我不知道明年我会做什么,继续 freelance,换工作还是去work & travel


Monday, March 29, 2010

the short note

sent a short note to summarise the whole drama

actually i wrote it yesterday evening
n today my thoughts have changed a lil' bit
but since i have sent it out
what i can do now is just waiting for a reply
perhaps there wont b a reply. but that's fine
i believe i'll know if the recipient has read it

it's good to express my thoughts. some outdated thoughts. ahaha
a lil's emo. a lil' immature. a lil' humble
the truth is: luyi is still quite ego & stubborn.
n that's luyi. yay!

ps: i miss expedition life a lot. 2 years ago, the same day. i was in danum valley. nearly drowned in tembeling. the next day, i catch the amazing sunrise at the observation tower. star gazing during the nights. sleeping in my lovely hammock, writing letters. thinking about the future. cooked the best tuna pasta at the tea party. met the sunbear scientist.
when u pass by the entrance to danum, remember luyi painted the sign board.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


我感到非常高兴, 也非常无趣..
最后得到一个意想不到的结果.. 是好事..

i think the ending is a good one, but i will need a bit more time to adapt to the new friendship.. i believe something has changed. although i cant name it right now. i am trying my best to convince myself that everything remain the same but that's impossible for sure.

i really wish we're friends forever. i have been putting my best effort to play the role as a friend. despite the childish acts, i actually do care for what you think, how you feel. i put aside my ego because i realize our friendship is definitely more important. i will never give up easily. i will remember point no 1, no 2 and no 3 for future reference =)

thanks for your honesty. i think im honest too. cheers to both of us! it has been a long wait. im waiting for this day since 2 months ago. surprisingly, i couldn't fall asleep the entire nite.
sorry and thanks to all the people around us. 辛苦你们lah~

Thursday, March 25, 2010


finally ck manage to secure his spot as a PM for borneo expedition in oct..

yeah!! we are all very happy for him..
after all the persuasion, nagging, bugging..
cheers to everyone!

it also means that we wont be seeing him for 8 months starting on 4 may..

we will definitely miss u, ck =)

lets call for a party before u leave.. haha

Monday, March 22, 2010

world water day

had an awesome day talking nonsense with liu sheng.. and taking pictures too.. he's really a great friend to chat with.. cant believe i told him everything between me n HIM.. hmm... shall dig more gossip from him.. haha..
kalai came too (i hope no1 from HT reads my blog, haha) thanks for the snacks! my yummy tea time!
finally met dino after so long.. miss talking to her.. sabah sabah sabah.. mr flabby arms.. KKK.. whatever it is.. i love talking with dino..

the roadshow is nothing. felt cheated. but im happy to have my friends there. to accompany me on a monday afternoon..

ps: i need to get NST (1st march & 22nd march).. send april n may highlights.. start with march report.. gah yau ar madam..

nothing can be better

luyi with runway 18.. the guitarist is very HOT =P

after a week of worrying-might-get scolded-from client.. dispatch dispatch dispatch.. the event day.. dinner with ex colleagues.. lost n found my beloved teva.. shopping at FOS.. hot air balloon with high school frens.. pillow talk with dearest raleigh family.. porridge at petaling street.. slept till 2pm on both sat n sun.. watching more episodes of da xue sheng le mei.. chatted with yao n sis.. KKK lost in swiss open.. 'heart-to-heart' talk with some important frens..

and today mummy got me yummy strawberries and bird nest soup.. wow.. i feel im like a little princess.. thanks mummy.. she said she has not seen me in the past few days.. haha.. i spent most of my time meeting frens or sleeping in the room.. oopps.. i shall dinner at home everyday next week.. promise!

im very contented with everything i have at the moment.. will treasure every bit of my life.. thanks people.. u know who im referring to :P love u guys loads!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

20 march

a very important day.. a date to remember.. =)

glad that liu sheng invited me to his gathering.. i've made friends with a few more non raleigh people.. haha.. the hot air balloon fiesta is not as great as i thought.. weather was super hot!!! luckily i wore shorts.. smart me.. but i looked under-dress compared to the gang, who cares lah.. haha..

bump into meng sang, my primary school classmate.. then saw luo qian n hui ming there too... my college mates.. i think i should date dr LLQ n hui ming more often.. haha.. they're my very important non raleigh frens... promise i will call u gals out soon.. green tea dessert!

after the fireworks, we proceed to look out point for dinner plus mini celebration for may kum's birthday.. fook meng used the hulu langat way, which is also the route to IW new campsite.. i felt like going to gabai for a mid night dip :P

it was a long journey though, reached look out point at almost 11.. the waiter messed up the orders.. not a very pleasant experience.. haha.. but the after meal chit-chats was fun.. get to know more about them.. i enjoyed the outing with my newly found non raleigh frens.. haha.. fell asleep in the car on the way back.. was supposed to go poh-e's place..

my dearest coord came to pick me up.. thanks ck.. im glad that i joined the pillow talk.. it was a nice gathering.. i hope there'll be another round of pillow talk with poh-e, ck, vincent n karlye.. coz i missed the first half =P perhaps the full comm should join, a confession plus get-together b4 this term ends..

slept for 30 mins, then we went to petaling street for porridge breakfast.. reached home at 8am.. that's my weekend.. a memorable weekend with different groups of friends..

Friday, March 19, 2010


yes, i went back to the venue at 1.30am to try my luck. thanks christal for joining my adventure. tried searching for beloved teva from the pile the garbage bags. i would say they left only very little rubbish. trying to be environmental friendly i guess, haha.

ok back to my teva hunting. tot i wouldn't find it but i saw it lying nicely on the staircase. YES YES YES!! too bad the guard didn't allow me to enter the studio. he also didn't want to get it for me. he told me the shop will be opened at 9am. i hope he doesn't lie to me. im super happy now!! yeah, my teva!!

owner of studio 99, pls keep it for me. i will collect it at 9am later. pls pls pls dont throw it. thanks!!

ps: met rajinder at the studio at 2am. apparently im not the only person who went back at 2am. haha. her car was trapped in the carpark.

I want my Teva back

reached home after bio launch. after dinner with chen lee n ben. realised that i left my beloved teva bottle at the event venue. super sad. why why am i so careless + forgetful?? i want my teva back.. but how?

im sad. very sad. super sad. texted sharon. she said they have left the venue. cleared everything n noone remembers my bottle. told her i'll be checking at the venue tmr morning. she told me dont waste time, it's gone forever (in a very nice manner, but i get what u mean, thanks for getting me back to reality!)...

but i shouldn't give up. i emailed raleigh hk. i know it's super ridiculous. but i should at least try to ask for a replace bottle. i will pay for it. i just want my teva branded nalgene back. it summarises my rimm experience. very significant experience in my life. i need it back. i must get it back!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010






Monday, March 15, 2010


i've never thought i'll be meeting her tmr
i thought the meeting should be on wed
now im super nervous
dont think i can sleep well tonite
i hope i wont kena lecture
i must really start planning my work schedule + raleigh time + ppstream n etc
lesson learnt: working from home + working alone needs a lot of discipline
i feel like slapping myself for being such a procrastinator
pray harder bah...

why tmr?? i need a bit more time to get myself prepared...

ps: shall i take train to KLCC or drive? parking will be expensive.. but train will be super packed after working hours.. so how? drive or not? why KLCC? hmm...

ps 2: i wanna get an intern or part timer... so i dont have to do everything alone.. i hate doing dispatch.. especially with my powderful sense of directions...


dato lee & all england

dato lee won.. i dont really mind, really =P
(i'll only care if KKK wins.. haha..)
okay, im proud as a malaysian lar..
but i think dato lee has changed
he's no longer the humble boy next door
he has 10% of the lin dan attitude, definitely not a good sign
he spent too much time to please his fans.. and i totally beh tahan his weird jersey
i should write in to yonex, to tell them stop producing the weird design jersey
everytime when dato lee made a mistake, i really thought the jersey should b blamed
how to play properly and professionally if you're wearing such a weird jersey wor??

anyway, i respect kenichi tago a lot
he's a good player, young n aggressive, i like his fighting spirit
he never give up although he's playing against the world number one
he played really well in all england
i hope i'll see him in thomas cup
yes, im going to watch thomas cup live this year!!!
im so so excited!!! cant wait to see KKK, boonsak, lee yong dae in person again...
i must say HI to them this time.. hahaha...

Friday, March 12, 2010

snow snow snow

i want snow!
i want snow!!
i want snow!!!

the weather is too HOT for any activities..
to stop my procrastination, i need SNOW!

work pending:
go swimming
visit national history museum
check delta piw accounts

apa lagi??? panas-nya...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


im sick again.
i got lost again.
vincent rescued my life again.
i find my future miserable again.

Monday, March 08, 2010

dino's makeover

yuan lai, transforming dino to a lady is mission possible
ck: she's hot only when she doesn't talk =P

Saturday, March 06, 2010




toilet visit

got a phone call from sulan at 1.30am.. she told me kuna cant make it to monthly meet as her mum was admitted to the hospital. then she called again at 2am. i was too sleepy to answer the call.. then in the morning, i saw her sms, asking me to think what can we do in titiwangsa park.. i really dunno how should i reply her.. it was raining btw.. good news for the organizers.. haha.. good excuse to cancel MM =P

when i was on the way to KL, sulan called to inform that the group has proceed to jln ipoh dimsum for raleigh meeting.. so poh e n i joined them.. meeting was short n sweet.. everyone had dimsum breakfast spiced with raleigh news.. since we'll be having comm meet after lunch, we thought we should go somewhere else to pass time, rather than going home n come out again later..

the comm: sulan, dino, poh-e n luyi went to time square! first we visited the toilets at starhill.. then walked over to times square for a hair cut. then lunch. then dino had to leave. then read books at borders. and it's time for comm meet.. haha..

quote n unquote from dino koong aka bday girl: erm.. a very random afternoon with u all. but i like it! =)

comm meet was ok. not too long. but we get over excited with poh-e n karlye joining amazing race asia as a team. we were talking about their video n strategies n bla bla bla =P

finally sulan brought us to ikan bakar. random selection of food. but it was great. besides ikan bakar, i dont really recall how the rest of the food taste like. but having raleigh ppl around u is great enough! u can talk about expeditions. relationship. gossips. iw. hotspring. anything n everything. another random yet memorable saturday with raleigh family!

Friday, March 05, 2010

bye-bye dolphin queen

initial plan: surprise sis at airport.. but i think that's a bit mou liew.. plus i went yumcha with my non raleigh frens, munseng n pohkiat last nite.. a bit lazy to wake up early..

so i set alarm for 5.30am.. woke up to sms shu woan.. haha.. have been seeing her almost everyday since last thursday.. n im missing her now already.. she's the only person who trust mr nasi lemak.. the best person to go hotspring mid nite.. random girly chats.. yumcha.. sing k.. she's also no1 monthly meet supporter.. i love her for everything she does =)

i wanna visit her in sebatik.. i must work hard.. so i can take some days off work to visit sis n her dolphins.. oh ya n our shanghai visit in 2011.. haha..

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


we sang from 6pm to 1am
we ate from 6pm to 10pm

i just realized half of the raleigh family can sing hokkien songs. another half can sing mayday songs. a quarter of them likes oldies. another quarter likes rock n roll.
everyone likes sushi + ice cream + oyster.

now i find sing K a fun n cool hang out. my non raleigh frens know i dont sing so they will never ajak me when they r going to sing K. haha. it was like a mini concert for mayday, joey yung, lee hom, jackie cheung etc. enjoyed the impromptu bday surprise for dino. the duet. the randomness.

i think im addicted to singing mayday songs with karlye n dino. haha! i should practice more songs. cant believe banana karlye knows more mayday songs than i do. lets go again, sisters! oh ya promised karlye i'll bring her to mayday's concert in taiwan!