Thursday, September 20, 2012

end of holiday. back to work

hamilton was the last stop of my two weeks plus holiday. i actually enjoyed shopping at super huge shopping mall in hamilton. spent hours there but i controlled myself well enough not to buy unnecessary stuff, anyway still bought something la, haha. 

a bit tired of being alone. so im going back to the mountain. back to the san ka la kampung with a lot of snow and friends. i miss them, loads! miss the random dinner chats with eileen, her david and savio. miss the gossip session with neighbours. miss taking staff bus up n down mountain for the spectacular view. oh i miss whakapapa and the people! so yea im going back! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

from north to the east

a skill i developed recently
i can now 自拍 with me and the attraction 
useful skill for solo traveler, haha
so i wont drop my camera into the river again

from the top of whangarei falls
i have no idea why i walked all the way up
i can actually drive there (to save petrol, maybe)

a relaxing afternoon in town basin
thought it'll be a happening hang out spot
but there's nobody around, as usual
everywhere i go, there's no one. is it my prob? 

big omaha
the prime minister has a villa here, according to yi fan and yan qi

from auckland sky tower
perfect weather, weather turns bad on the next few days. sigh

thames. it's a pretty dead town to me. 
i site was closed on saturday!
not until i discover the historic buildings 
and pak n save! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

i love historic sites

rainbow warrior memorial at matauri bay

bullet hole on the wall of the first church in NZ

old printing factory in Russell

sculpture garden in kerikeri

i cant resist following signs showing historic sites. be it a pile of stones or simply a well. i'll drive all the way to take pictures with them. sometimes im disappointed with my discovery, still i wanna see them, read the stories behind, and camwhore. cant deny im the perfect PR person for history channel. haha

Sunday, September 09, 2012

dear LLQ

hey just read your blog so i think i should reply you here, haha! 
totally get what u mean. 



stone store and kemp house
the very first stone house in nz
worth a visit. they sell very cute and artistic souvenirs 

rewa village
a replica of mauri fishing village

rainbow falls
we trek 1 hour for this magnificent view
enjoyed the chat with ming. glad that he joined me for 2 days

Saturday, September 08, 2012

solo. travel


一个人开车上 Auckland,没想象的远。意外发现 Hamilton Garden。还蛮不错的一个地方。让我发现春天快到了。



参加了一天的 Cape Reinga Tour,隔天又继续一个人的旅行。停了好多地方。体验每个小镇不同的风情。就是找不到油站很令人烦恼,哈哈!



Monday, September 03, 2012