Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


趁年轻闯一闯, 看一看外面的世界未必不好...
不尝试, 永远不知道行不行...
失败了, 我接受
成功了, 我开心
thanks everyone for everything
我会好好的, 相信我...

Monday, July 27, 2009

happy bday, Tanes!

sila datang lagi
do u think tanes will want to go gabai again?

im proud being a raleigh-ian

bday cake, red egg
bday song n lots of raleigh fun

playing with fire works

heading up gabai
tanes is still blindfolded

since tanes is my boss + gps + gossip receiver + super best fren in raleigh... i must plan something SPECIAL for his bday... it took me more than a week... hmm, im so proud of myself...
last year with the help from spy no1 Rica, i managed to surprise him in his kitchen with lots of shaving cream n super yucky donuts...
so this year, without Rica, i still manage to plan a HUGE surprise for him... haha... kidnap him from bangsar McD then all the way to Gabai... we had fireworks + bday cake + pressies + bday song + red egg + raleigh style waterfall experience...

talking about the present.. i spent 3 nites to finish the video... getting bday msg from ppl who love him... looking for suitable background music... n compilation of photographs... haha... got all sorts of pictures from zhi yong's, justin's, wonn chin's albums... i know he must be very touched... n that serves the purpose of my hard work.. haha..

super busy weekend

again, this was a very busy weekend...
spent 1 week planning tanes' surpsrise + aug Monthly Meet + WPC's first sale
fri nite till sat morning - bday surpsrise + jln ipoh dim sum + ah quah hunting @ lorong haji taib
sat afternoon - kalai's convo + recee at 3 two square
sat nite - watch ASQ with mummy
sun whole day - WPC sale
sun nite - dinner with jia yaw n wayne
when can i be less busy?
haha... i think this weekend bah...
since i wont b in malaysia... so i wont b meeting raleigh folks...

Friday, July 24, 2009


i think i got H1N1...
caught flu since morning, i dunno why...
n coughing a little bit too
is it becoz i slept very late last nite?
or is it becoz i met yao who came back from UK?
anyway im super excited since last nite...
am so so proud of myself... la la la...
he must be very very touched...
hope he wont cry.. haha..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

heong gong, wo ai ni

i wish i can FLY to hong kong NOW
i miss everything there
why wong tai sin fire station hasn't replied my email?
why why why?
never mind, i'll go there and ask them why...
sis is going to hong kong soon
i wish i can go with her lo
get to know a rich guy there then get married there then i can stay in hong kong for good
hmm, should change my target from KKK to HK rich guy
ya ya, im dreaming again
coz im super bored at work
so i need to dream to keep me awake
la la la...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009


我的 daddy + mummy 超疼我,可是他们是很理智的。
我可以很坚强,就像参加 Youth Exchange 和 Raleigh Expedition。
daddy 一直怂恿我放弃,本小姐还是去了。
因为我是世界上独一无二的 LUYI,我选择了和别人不一样的路。
无论我做什么,人生有多成功,daddy + mummy 还是一样很疼我。
我会慢慢地把我的公主病变成超人病毒,LUYI 就是一个不爱向现实底头的超级 LUYI。

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

bits n pieces

recce for july MM
boss, see im so responsible k

the proud penang-langs

souvenir for ex-IW boss from penang
peiting, he said thanks n he likes the chopsticks very much

christal's bday surprise

model wannabe luyi
spent a super duper cool nite with my second family

pr 2 n treasurer with justin bear =p

everyone likes justin timberdrake

xiao yao is back next tues!!

my dearest 5+3 president is coming back next tuesday!!!
let's go somewhere...
tot of bringing her to chiling, gabai, picnic, plaza mont kiara on thurs nite, telawi, solaris, melaka...
AND i have lots n lots of stories to share with her
im so so excited now...
cant wait till next tuesday!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

love from sabah

i must post about this!!!
it's from my raleigh colleague (sulan) + anak itik (shon) + kawan (dino)...

i miss expedition so so much!!!

can i build another kindergarten?
teaching english at sk tampasak?
attend cooking lesson? dancing lesson? perform at sunday mass?
trek another 12 days? sleep in hammock? bath in river?
listening to stories from pak nooh + joe + jeff?
dive in mamutik again? have luxury breakfast at the cafe?
sit in for more talks + parties in danum?
cook tuna pasta with tomato sauce + malaysian vege curry?
exchange tofiluk with cheese from jasper?
star gazing with jon + jeremy + steph + lizzie + christian?
write to family, karlye, vincent, zhiyong, peiting, raleigh kl, xiao yao while the ang mohs enjoying their sunbathing?
translating everyone's name into chinese character?
yoga + jogging + exercise sessions with izzy + lizzie + christian?
gals talk with alice + ariana + jenny?
house keeping with jasper + jonno?
bitching about XXX with charlie + anu + alex?
getting letters at changeover? exchange gossips with vian?

i miss everything in Raleigh International Expedition - Borneo Spring 08!!!
OMG, im experiencing post expedition blues all over again...

ROAR-ed + Fly Sheet-ed + Sg Serai-ed

group pix =)

Raleigh Outrageous Amazing Race! ROAR!!

my first monthly meet as skills officer... i would also call it luyi's race... i bet all of them who attended have a better understanding of luyi by now... they would know im WPC 66307... im super KKK fans... i like peanut butter kit kat... my car likes to eat green apple... hahahahahahah... paiseh paiseh...
i dont mean to make it an intro to luyi session... it's supposed to be a raleigh teambuilding session... i hope everyone had fun n enjoyed... yeah!!!
im quite happy with the meeting actually... lets see what the boss says...

fly sheet cleaning session after monthly meet
the very responsible skills officer develop tarp cleaning skills as well =)

tarp cleaning after PR handover... actually it's after shppoing at bazaar... haha... poor zhi yong jr waited for the shopaholics for hours... cleaning was fun... splashing water... scrubbing... drying... talking... n more talking... hahhahahaha...
met boss for dinner, but too bad he din buy us dinner... sent him home n once again i swear that i wont send him n his sis home anymore... it's so darn far away from kepong...

went to hot spring with the 308 gang again... once a week without fail... haha... to destress... to relax... to chit chat... to get a reason to have sirap limau ice... an eventful weekend with raleigh AGAIN... but im lovin' it to the MAX...

next week will be a busy week with raleigh too... im going to waterfall!! excited-nya... this will keep me motivated till friday!!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

i've found u!

finally i found their email address... super excited now...
i have written a thank you note for HK police n firemen since i came back from RIMM

those who have heard about my outrageous story in HK, you should know how excited i am for this extraordinary experience... hahahaha...

and i've just emailed them
do u think they'll remember me?
do u think they'll reply?
do you think they'll invite me to HK?

i can't wait to get their reply
i have also emailed RIMM committee regarding my bib number and TEVA photographs

this is what i do in office =p

Monday, July 06, 2009




很显然的,本小姐没得到应有的教训。再次和好朋友吵架。再次伤心... 再次哭... 再次觉得自己很白痴。



救命! 我不想这样子的。我很讲义气的。我很在意我的朋友怎么看我。
可是, 说过的话已经收不回了。

就算他说原谅我,但他收到 sms 时应该很讨厌我吧。


放心, 我并没有暗恋你,你只是一个很重要的朋友,因为你是我的GPS =)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

sleep NOW

i should be sleeping now
as im going to the airport at 4am later
but i have to send out notices on monthly meet
i have to draft a factsheet
i wanna watch DVD
panda luyi will appear again tomorrow
life's so short
so it's fine
just do whatever you think is worth doing
so im not sleeping yet
i have to finish my full time n part time WORK
good job, luyi
thanks chen lee for the encouragement
thanks tanes + christal + peiting for everything
i love u guys loads!!