Tuesday, January 31, 2012

another cny with love

had a great time with family and friends this CNY. watched a local movie, not very nice, but the family outing is cool. shall watch HK movie next year, at least it's funnier, and more leng zais to stalk. 

spent 2 awesome nites with the BFF. she's back in UK again. i believe she'll be back soon =) i cant wait to read the love letter and unwrap the present on my big day. 1 week plus to go, haha. 

the ultimate mayday sing K session. it's fun but definitely insufficient dose of mayday songs. we gotta sing more. shout more. and get more 'high' next session. 

CNY ended when everyone goes back to work. started working on Monday and im so busy! 1 month till i leave the job, yay! 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

call me brave girl

went to the dentist to fix the tooth. and i didnt cry. that's definitely an achievement, haha!

my biggest fear in life is to visit a dentist. and i asked for an extensive cleaning. i shall take good care of the teeth now. coz it's scary and expensive to visit the dentist, haha! 

seriously im so proud i didnt cry, yay! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a very busy day

lots of stuff to follow up before i can enjoy CNY break. suddenly everything just pops up from nowhere. 
phone interviews with 2 different group of people. assisting journalist with his flight and hotel booking in vancouver. helping him to get canadian visa in 1 day. sending CNY gifts to media. pitch for program review and interviews. why why why... all of these happen when im ready to go off for CNY. 

2 more days to holidays. but i feel like im completing a month's work in just 1 week. clients and colleagues remind me to check my mails when im on leave. arghhhhhh... i regret for telling them im from KL. i should just make up some stories that im visiting relatives in JB or Sabah or somewhere further. 

i really look forward to CNY this year, not because i love celebrating the occasion, simply because im off work for 1 week, yay! and im meeting all my BFFs this CNY =)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

mails from Japan~

receiving mails from japan is one of the happiest things in life. my host mother finally replied my mails after 10 years. this is the second time i receive a letter from her in the past 10 years. wow!

and my host brother sent me photos of his sons. his sons were only babies when i met them. and now they are studying in primary schools already. i doubt they still remember me.

guess it's time to visit japan =)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

chilling on saturday

it's has been a great chilling saturday, i mean it literally, it's chilling! visited chilling waterfall with peiting after 2 years plus. had lots of fun =) 

this is my first monthly meet after 8 months? anyway it's great to meet them again. some long lost frens. some new faces. some dinosaurs. some future venturers. the steamboat lunch was a blast. love the chicken soup + mushrooms + vegetables + tofu = yum yum! 

reached home at almost 5pm. was so tired. but already planned for another date at 8.30pm. meeting the kepong guys again. had desserts at ben's. so yummy till we dont mind getting fat, haha. another awesome nite spent. oh we celebrated aiai's birthday without her presence. happy birthday! thanks for the yummy dessert, haha! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the 3 questions

the 3 questions that everyone will ask when they see me: 
what happen to your hair? 
when are you leaving? 
what are you doing now? 

i'll tell you now: 
yes i have permed my hair. it is supposed to look natural but i dont have the skills like my stylist. so i dont know how to make it look nice. but it'll look better eventually. that's what my mum told me. 

i plan to leave end of april. i know that's winter. so im trying to secure a job now. and yes i will make sure i'll get to meet everyone before i leave. 

i am now working as pr exec, based in a lauyar office in kelana jaya. i hate my job. anyway im quitting in Feb. no further explanation needed. thanks! 

that's the update! ask me something different the next time you see me ya. 

Saturday, January 07, 2012

i miss my sis

everyone in the family misses my sis. everyone wishes she is here to celebrate christmas and new year. ok my fault for not allowing her to ponteng class the week before cny. how would i know all her malaysian classmates are already back and only returning after cny. i just want her to be a good student, so dont blame me =P 

she celebrated new year with my cousins and their dog, Happy in macau. guess she's having a great time there. oh she went for the cheese tarts and pork chop noodles, all without me! that's the best in macau! 

and to prevent we miss each other too much in the 3rd and 4th quarter, im visiting her in HK this march before i fly to NZ and she'll be going to costa rica this summer. that's a good deal, right? it had been quite some time since i visited my favourite country, yay!

my best travel partner!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

got it finally!

thanks people for all the wishes
my working holiday visa is finally approved
NZ immigration dept is very efficient
got the approval in a day's time
i have double check triple check to make sure this is true
hahaha yes im leaving!  

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2012 resolution # 1

woke up at 5am to accomplish my first resolution of the year - apply working holiday visa to new zealand. was totally panic and worried when i failed to log in. the kiasu me has filled up the form months ago, i just need to click submit by 10am on 4 Jan (NZ time). system error was all i get the entire 2 hours. omg! it really freaked me out. im very determined to leave current job, hence i must get the visa. 

luckily when i decided to get back to bed, i tried one last time and the application went through this time. thank god! 

hopefully i'll get good news 1 week later. that'll be the best bday gift! now it's time to sleep. good nite. and im working today. in 2 hours time. haha. 

Monday, January 02, 2012