Tuesday, June 29, 2010

going for a walk

dear readers,
i'll be going for a walk tmr. when im back, it's july already. haha.
monthly reports. aiks. trying my best to finish b4 i leave.
but world cup is more interesting of coz =P
havent packed a single thing yet. omg.
still checking work email. coz my boss didnt know i'll be on holiday. oh!
i survived in spore. so i guess i'll be doing good this time too.
so i approved my leave. 3 working days. haha.

sorry munseng, told u im not going, but i think if it's fated to happen, i shall just let it be. haha. i'll be fine. no worries. see u soon!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

R for R.A.L.E.I.G.H

3 generation of anaks
rica-alpha, shon-bravo, leong-delta
n they still call me Mama

ms chong - a great fren. ex PR. partner in crime
i dont care how ppl gossip behind our back
yea, we're a clique!

alpha coords wearing the same shirt
it's unplanned. but it just happened

mini mayday concert by the longkang
it's great to meet ppl with the same passion
terima kasih, Raleigh!

only raleighians will do this with me =)
i appreciate your effort. haha.
words cant describe how much passion i have for Raleigh
(the events & the ppl)

i wish i have a time travel machine
so i could get back to pangkor aka mamutik with comm term 08/09
i also wanna go back to borneo expedition spring 08
all the bday surprises. yumcha sessions. random gatherings

Thursday, June 24, 2010


在 singapore 无意中看到这电影的海报,就一直很想去看。

终于在昨天meeting 了一天后,在 mid valley 和 christal 观赏了这部传说中没有性爱画面的三级片。第一次看三级片吖!哈哈。
喜欢志明与春娇的邂逅。喜欢香港的 everything!

ps: 很巧的在散场时遇见yihui。

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

happy birthday, pooh!

a last minute plan turned out to be a pleasant nite out for everyone.
especially the alcoholics. haha! madam says: excessive drinking is not good for health.
guess we are all too stressed with life.
we need more entertainment. more friends. more laughter.

thanks to the birthday girl, we got a very good excuse to gather around. to talk craps. to drink. to meet our friends. to do things that we wouldn't dare to do if we ain't together with raleigh-ians.

i enjoyed the nite a lot. thanks to the ppl who came from every corner in klang valley.
it has proven that madam can make good frens with mentakab posers, marathon runners, alcoholics, stalkers, n stand-up comedian wannabe.
just like what i presented in my annual report: Raleigh is where I found friends and family.
I mean true friends =)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

meeting.games.stories telling.friends!

another fruitful + amazing + crazy weekend spent with the R family.
end of 09/10 committee term, also luyi's comm term =)

i am glad to have known all of them, the good guys n the bad guys. self developed!
thanks to my fellow colleagues. initially planned to make a super touching video for them coz i have not seen them cry. haha. but stupid stuff happened so i cancelled the plan.
but, on fri nite when i was preparing my presentation, i changed my mind. i have to b fair to my R family. i cant let them down because of one stupid person. i still love them very much.

so i did a simple video. with a lot of photos of our non-work-related-outings. i realised i have been spending a lot of awesome moments with the gals, poh-e, dino, karlye, sulan, christal, woonchin =) thanks gals~ i love u all. a lot a lot!
promise u gals, especially for sulan, i will complete the original plan. it's my farewell gift to u!

final decision, i am not serving the committee for this coming term. it doesnt mean that raleigh is not important to me anymore. raleigh is still part of my life, an important part indeed. hence i will continue with the forth challenge in a different approach.

had a great nite with team RED. cat fight with karlye. used up all my good luck in the games. thanks to sis n leong. haha. awesome pool games. gang fight. great stories from KB most famous stories tellers leong n siuhou. met new ppl. cam-whoring. great sharing. lots of screaming n laughing. best tomyam steamboat, yum yum. 3 generation of anaks. cool alpha coords wearing the same shirt. the amazing yet exhausted agm. get out there!

Friday, June 18, 2010

skills officer

a year ago, i presented skills officer's annual report on behalf of my best friend, peiting as she was away in kangaroo land.
a year later, i will be presenting skills officer's report again, representing yap luyi.
woahhh, it has been a year.

11 monthly meets. staff trainings. coord briefing. comm meets. iw. drama. comm trips. farewells. bday surprises. pillow talks. sabah tea...

well, it's time to bid farewell. i like the last paragraph of my annual report. a lot.

Despite the hiccups that happened along the way, term 2009/2010 brings me reminiscence of my Raleigh expedition. Thanks to the people, the events, the drama!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010



我要和五月天合唱志明与春娇,去台大看杰弟跳舞,参与大学生了每录影,到淡水骑脚踏车,到夜市吃个痛快,去五分埔买个痛快。(n the list goes on...)

期待8月再去sabah,我知道我也是去了3次。可是我真的真的还有很多未完成的事,未参观的地方。如果有一天我失业了,我会义无反顾地到那里教英文,中文也行啦,哈哈。我说真的。期待和 shuwoan 出海,期待看见海豚,期待和 dino + sulan 一起玩。

期待再次见到 cindy 和 peimei,继续聊个天南地北。这一次我们要去吃饺子哦,哈哈!

我也期待和小瑶的旅行。虽然还没决定要去哪里,但我确定一定会很好玩。5+3 的主席和副主席很久没一块出游了!超令人期待的!


do what u love, love what u do~

Monday, June 14, 2010


la~ la~ la~ la~ la~

Sunday, June 13, 2010

it's not complicated after all

after speaking to peiting
i realised everything started because we're just humans
n humans have emotions, hence we reacted that way
it's not complicated after all.. haha..
im glad, peiting called me tonite.
thanks, my old fren!

oh ya, mr tan liu sheng, im back!
thanks for calling. im still alive. haha..
lets go yumcha with daniel wong, sim poh kiat!

im fine, im doing great, no worries!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


always the best travel partners
thanks sis!
next stop: bangkok, taiwan, japan, south africa, iceland etc

it came just at the rite time
i have a better idea of LIFE~

little lulu's dream house
ps: i want prince charming, i dont want Shrek!

*enlarge the picture*
the legendary yellow cab

one thing i like about spore is i can walk along the streets
n get surprises along the way

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

live from Sg

apa khabar?
im posting this at grand mercure roxy hotel, spore.
what a weird name for a hotel. weird location too.
the only cool thing of the hotel - it's near the famous katong laksa.
i had laksa for breakfast for 2 consecutive days. haha. very nice.

it's a great get-away-break from the daily routine. i dont mean my work. i like my work. i dont mind working for it.
but i mean the activities, ppl n organisation that i have been dealing with for the past 2.5 years.
i need a break. from the drama. the nasty ppl. the gossips. the emails.

i truly enjoy the 4 days 3 nites break with sis n lydia.
not to forget the highlight of the trip. catching up with peimei n cindy.
it's great to meet old frens. n talk about anything.
gals, i believe u would eventually achieve what u want in life.
mayb the route u're taking is slightly longer, but u'll reach the final point =)
all the best!

spore is not the country i like the most.
but it's a good place for a short break.
wandering on the streets. ice-cream & dessert. shopping. listening to random conversations. observing strangers. admiring street fashion. fully utilize the public transport. n calculating how many are non-sporeans =)
it's a small country, with a lot of ppl...

Sunday, June 06, 2010

wake up, dream on

one of my dreams came true..
wow, ah shin was rite in front of me..
i must join the concert in taiwan..
my next dream!

mayday concert 2010

人生海海 憨人 温柔 相信 拥抱 志明与春娇 疯狂世界 知足

Friday, June 04, 2010


原来我对之前的 drama 有些误会。原来这一次我还是主力演员。


但我很庆幸发生了这么一件 drama 让我看清我所谓的好朋友。
什么promise 都是狗屁。只有我一人遵守,那有什么意义。




Thursday, June 03, 2010

drama drama

as much as i enjoy dramas, be it watching or being involved in one. i think that's enough of drama for the little society of 12 members.

we have shared our thoughts. feelings. whatever shits that we wanna say out loud to each other. that's enough. why create more unnecessary episodes, when one is already way too much for the team. those who choose to keep things to yourself, that's really fine. coz i do that too when i realise that saying it out doesnt help the situation.

guess now i can put myself into the shoes of the rest. i know how they feel when i was the main character in the previous drama. it's irritating. im very sorry, my dear frens n colleagues.

a little note:
frens are ppl who u can rely on no matter what happens. u can share anything, besides bf. haha. u have 100 millions of topics to talk about when u meet. u dont mind showing them the real YOU. that's fren!

colleagues are ppl who u work with, willingly or unwillingly. it doesnt mean u're happy with them but u got no choice. bcoz u belonged to the same society. but, u can choose to ignore them during non-working hours/days.

that's luyi's definition.

ps: daniel wong & PT, im doing good. haha. but i dont mind having a cup of tea or ice cream when u're free =)