Sunday, November 28, 2010

working on sat

working on a saturday is not that bad when u can meet the lengzai u have been wanting to meet since aug. haha! although i didnt get to meet him face to face la. but i know it's him who's working in front of the computer =)

it is a great documentary i would say. one of the best among all malaysian productions. i enjoy working with the team. at least i get to learn a lot more than layan-ing VIPs. im impressed with their passion in producing the best docu for malaysians.
the docu is about a sad story. a lesson for every malaysian. it's not just about the victims, the same thing may happen to you n me. i love the ending, very much.

wondering how cool it is? tune in to history channel on 11 dec, 9pm to catch the highland towers disaster. it's the 17th anniversary for this tragedy btw.

it's worth skipping staff training for this. coz i get to watch the show before all the people out there. i feel im part of the team who made things happen. i feel proud of myself =)

after work, i joined christal, archin n geng qian at sunway for lunch n sing k. then shopping n dinner. n lots of chit-chatting. it's a great saturday, for me!

Friday, November 26, 2010

iy ul pay

u silly neighbour who is inconsiderate! u better follow the rules.
i have checked: construction only allows to start from 8am to 6pm, mon to sat.
so pls no drilling after 6, no drilling on sunday!
u dont need to sleep, but i do. u dont work from home, but i do.
u dont need to study for spm, but my lovely bro does.
cilaka cilaka cilaka!
i will definitely lodge a complain to dbkl by next week if this continues!
im serious! or else 我的名字掉转写!
and i know lawyer Q! cis!

this is how my bro battled with the loud noise

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

6 weeks

im preparing program highlights for jan 2011.
yup, it's going to be 2011 soon. wow.
6 more weeks to go.
it'll be a brand new year. with new resolutions.

have i announced that it's my first anniversary being a freelancer / pr rep for aetn in msia / contract staff or whatever-u-name-it..
it has been a year! way to go, gal!

i love history (more) by the day. history is not as boring as everyone thought. i enjoy dealing with history. doing pr for history. meeting various folks related to history. watching history. that's pretty cool, really! of coz, i love CI & BIO too. btw i do not have the channels at home. but i can still write for them. genius me. haha.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


(copy & paste from yihui's FB status)

我也有同感。自从和 peimei 不同班后就渐渐没混在一起了。然后她出国念书,就更少联络了。可是我们知道彼此都在关心对方。

很开心昨晚又能和她见面,还有 yihui 和 cecelia。
自从毕业后就没什么和 college mates 见面。除了一年见两三次的 kepong gang。

Thursday, November 18, 2010

one year

a year ago, i visited kampung tampasak, the village where i helped with the kindergarten construction. i met the same kids. the same pak ciks & mak ciks. the same teachers.
i miss playing with the kids at padang. badminton with the teachers (although im a lousy player, haha). cooking sessions with paulina's mum. talking to JKKK's wife. walking around the kampung
im really glad i went back. couldn't make it this year (long story)...
i'll be back, i promise!

akinabalu, another must-visit in KK. it's my home in sabah. it feels so warm that everytime i walk in, the staff remembers me.
not to forget, the raleigh sis from HK. it has been a year, when are we meeting up again?
will be meeting lucy 2 weeks later. it'll be a great raleigh reunion. haha!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

not the end yet

after watching the 4-episodes hidden cities, im proud that im somehow involved in the show. although im just a tiny keh leh feh. who dont even appear on screen. haha.

in order to have season two, i gotta get more reviews, get more ratings, and hopefully sponsors are happy with the success of season one. also the production house & the international network.

i really wish i will be able to join the adventure in next season. but i have no idea how would i convince them to allow me follow them. i know nothing about filming.
perhaps my language skills would be helpful. and im able to carry heavy stuff, at least i have better stamina than ordinary girls. and i can cook yummy instant noodles. are those reasons sufficient?

i am not dreaming. i am serious!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

see u in HK

told u guys, i only know how to go to KLCC & Dataran Merdeka. haha
see u again in HK or KL or anywhere else.
Philippines in March? i gotta plan plan n see how lar..
take care, nat!

ps: i know my photography skills is really bad. will improve.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

hello, nat!

welcome to KL, Nat!
went to batu caves with natalie, my first HK visitor in 2010.
i'll have more guests next month & Jan 2011 =)
batu caves is a must-visit for luyi's guest.
coz it's one of the KL attractions that i wont get lost, besides KLCC and dataran merdeka.
haha.. if u consider DBKL as an attraction, i know the way there too =)

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

happy birthday, Bro!!

my lovely bro! well, he thinks he's cool =P
mum said he's a clone of me. haha.
my play mate + buddy + complain partner + makan kaki
love u, sheng!!

Monday, November 08, 2010

quote of the day

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain

Sunday, November 07, 2010

happy birthday, BFF!

i miss u!

it's fun & fulfilling

woke up at 640am. chin called at 7am. she was lost. haha. managed to meet her at kepong ktm. then we met the Green ppl at gombak. then off we go to kampung cottage.
this is the fourth or fifth time i helped out at the mud hut project. it's pretty fun.
connect to the nature, as what dino explained. quite true. besides the mosquitoes, everything was great. haha.
i love stepping in the mud although it's super tiring. that's my exercise quota for a month =P
i can feel the muscle pain right after i stopped stepping.

WBC - Water Buffalo Club
the team that finished first to complete mud bricks

(luyi hates corn)
this picture reminds me that there're ppl whom i dont usually talk to
actually treat me as their friend.
so dont assume. talk to ppl if u want ppl to talk to u.

Friday, November 05, 2010


everyone loves public holiday, including myself of coz. but i super dislike the deepavali long weekend this year.

my monthly report couldn't reach spore due to the public holiday. i felt so sorry for joe. hope he'll be able to compile everything when he receives the reports on monday. paiseh ah.
rushed so hard to complete the reports. heaviest parcel to spore so far.
that's the hard work for the past 2 months. im proud!

really hope to take a short break after this.
guess the malacca trip with natalie just come at the right time. im so looking forward to satay celup next weekend! haha.
natalie is samantha's fren whom i met only once when i visited hk early this year.
samantha is the hk gal i met randomly in KK last year while waiting for transport to ranau.
the story is natalie is visiting kl next thurs and we've planned a trip to malacca.
i didnt offer to host her cause im worried i'll still be quite busy at work. n public transport cant be easily accessed near my place. hope she doesnt mind.

another hk fren lucy will be coming over for iw in dec, finally. she'll be coming with jasper. there's so much to share with them. expedition. india. south america. rimm. hk. raleigh. life.
it'll be fun! actually im quite paiseh to meet jasper as i have bothered him a lot (during & after rimm09, haha)

had fun watching lost & found at actor's studio lot 10. thanks to karlye & christal for the company till 4am. from high class food court to yoghurt ice cream to chinese tea to mc d.
we all wanna join RCMM next year. air asia we need your cheap air tix to hk in march. plsss.
and i witness how crazy the traffic at brickfields can be on the eve of deepavali =)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

november is here!

celebrated mummy's 50th birthday with bros.
had japanese lunch on sunday then korean dinner on monday. yummy!
haha. sis missed all the nice food. too bad la...

volcano eruption in merapi might affect my trip in dec. pls la. i wanna go!
i have applied leave and it's approved.
that is a long awaited trip for me n yao. fingers crossed. we can make it there!