Saturday, May 30, 2009

IW next weekend

where is christal loh?
i called her at least ten million times already, still couldn't get her
she kena rompak handphone?
kena culik kat lowyat?
or handphone rosak / hilang / low batt?
eh im so worried loh...
n the worst is i cant do anything, besides making police report
of coz im smart enough not to call police lah... this is not HK
but i sms her housemate... smart me... n her housemate is still in penang
luckily ms Pooh appeared magically in front of my house at 3pm...
she's safe!!!

IW coming soon... quite excited coz i can forget about work for at least 3 days...
i can sleep in my tent... yeah!!
i still dont feel like hiking loh, can anyone help? aiyooo

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

im talkative

me: how's tampasak? do they still remember me? is my kindergraten still there?
mun2: of coz, i have heard a lot about u... they always talked about u loh...

me (still talking while passing the plank): thanks for the letter... i miss mr lugasa n his family...
mun2: poh-e still has a few letters for u... it's from the teenagers...

mun2: uncle nooh told me u cried during the trek...

me: aiyoh... y lah he tell every1 the same old story... i cried once only mah...

finally group pix with justin timberdrake

i super like to talk loh... this is a staff training... im supposed to learn facilitating skills... not talking... i talked too much... shhhh...
luckily mr IW din attend the training or else he'll sure scold me... so super noisy...

Monday, May 25, 2009


im so so happy that my friends actually know what's BFM... 89.9...

thanks so much pei ting... n christal...

i seriosuly need to bring u guys to penang to explain to the idiots apa itu BFM
orang yg muda dan COOL juga listen to BFM k... bukan hanya orang bisnes...
anyway, i like PT's tagline... only smart ppl will listen to BFM... i should write in to BFM loh... must let them know they have 2 loyal listeners here...

Friday, May 22, 2009

it's Friday again

Yeah! The title says it all

another weekend with my cool raleigh frens
IW staff training
shopping kat Bazaar
movie marathon at PT's

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

leng cai

2 leng cai came to my office today
everyone is super excited
1 of them might be my colleague soon
praying hard that boss will hire him
n he might b sitting next to me too
took leave to go penang in june
it's unpaid leave
so i gotta enjoy myself kau kau there
makan makan makan
main main main
to the MAX!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

finally back

the curtains are pretty nice, but not cheap though

im so glad that u guys came, thanks a million

emcee for the day

i am very happy that this event has served its purpose... to prove to everyone that im still qualified as a PR practitioner... it meant a lot for me...
after a month, im still here... liaising with the media... writing releases... pitching for interviews... i thought i'll be leaving soon... but boss somehow convinced me that i belong to this industry... i appreciate his effort to guide me, support me, accompany me whenever im about to give up...
many thanks to the PR team too... bet they are tired of my rantings... but they still show their support... great to have u guys in the team...
im glad that im still the cute princess to the team...
i look forward to getting the pressie from boss, so im working hard...
jia you jia you!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

too much fun

too much activities over the weekend
so i have to wake up extra early on a monday morning
to finish my work b4 i go to work
how pathetic is that
i am not hardworking, im just doing what i am supposed to complete
b4 anyone make noise, b4 i lose my job
i am still missing the Raleigh family dinner on sat
where we talked about PT's boarding school, getting lost in RIMM, food, and anything...
recce-ed at IYC on sunday... bought raleigh bear... shopped...
and it is monday now, time to get to work
really wish i could skip work n rest at home
but i cant, have an event tmr
i pray so hard that tmr will b a pleasant day
pls tell me history won't repeat
i really need to prove my capability at the event tmr
i need help from you guys, all my Media friends

Thursday, May 14, 2009

call me mrs koo

hey hey
my hubby just won the match
malaysia is in the semi finals yeah

have been undergoing mood swings at work
i hate that
where's my best friends: Happy, Positive, Excitement?
think im too blunt when i speak to boss sometimes
have to be a bit more skillful when i speak
i dont mean to rant to him all the time, BUT...
i know he likes me to be honest
but i shouldn't be so rude n straighforward lo

super happy that he allows me to take leave
where should i go?
penang - i must burn F this time
pekan - to visit mr pharmacist n learn website design?
ipoh - to visit hubby's high school
taiping - ZOO, giraffes...

mrs koo is dreaming~

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

joke of the day

joke no 1:
do u think u'll marry him?

joke no 2:
are u a bird? u live in the nest and u lay eggs?

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

it's about time

to leave, maybe
to take a longer break
or a long long long long break
to embark on my HK expedition
or my ching hai teaching plan?

pei ting is coming back soon
im sure she'll b able to help me with this

i need ooomph to keep me excited with my current life
im way too tired of being the workaholic luyi
i want holiday n go shopping!!!
europe . japan . HK . sabah

Monday, May 04, 2009

post expedition blues

tarik tali with alpha 1 @ tampasak

tie-ing shoe laces during river-crossing
the legend was carrying my rucksack

the group pix
the whole group waited for me to change into my raleigh shirt

Sunday, May 03, 2009

back from fumakilla's

christal: tak takut ada cctv?
luckily she reminded me =p

fumakilla's mansion

christal: i must take picture everytime i visit my school

christal's very English school