Friday, December 31, 2010

bye bye 2010

2010 is awesome! although i did not achieve most of my my resolutions set for the year. haha!
im glad for what i have achieved so far, relationship (family & friends) and also career. i have also made a few important decisions in life.

for instance, europe trip! and also work & travel in NZ.
career wise i rejected a few job offer. some of you might think im lazy. or im too happy with my current life hence i refuse to make changes.
no one can comment about my job unless u're also working freelance. then u'll know how tough it is to run the whole show all alone. my job may sound random, but im enjoying it!

i believe 2011 will be better. more challenges ahead. more surprises. more roller coaster rides, haha!

ps: one very important resolution, save more $$$ to realise my dreams!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

1000th post - toast for kepong gang!

wow, just realised this is my 1000th post on blogspot.
i'll dedicate this post to my lovely kepong gang which consists

drama queen = dr ng = mrs reeves = modeling companion = aiai!

mr nice guy - i knew him since standard 3. glad that we're still very good frens. he's my wikipedia too!

outdoor kaki = my monitor, primary school & secondary school classmate, raleigh mate, and best fren for life!

gangster head - i'll surely hire him to be bouncer at my carpark. i know who to look for when i wanna get drunk. haha!

super blur king - didnt know he's that blur. perhaps he's just naive, or simply being humble.

mr photographer - although he's not in kl most of the time, he's still a loyal member of my kepong gang. although im still angry that he didnt inform us when he registered, he's still my good fren.

love u guys loads!!!
toast for our friendship!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas!

had a random yet super fun christmas eve with Mayday and the die hard fans. now we know one hour is not enough for mayday. we'll do it again, soon! haha
it gonna be one of my most memorable xmas eve! no turkey, no fireworks, no cake.. but the random plans win everything!
i gotta agree with them that spontaneous plan works better for creative n energetic souls like US.
thanks for the company, the green tea dessert, the english tea, n thanks for simply being who you are! im expecting more surprises at the 'party'..

merry christmas, to my fellow readers! ho ho ho...

Friday, December 24, 2010

city of batik!

jogja is a city of batik, n more batiks.. u can find batik everywhere, literally!
btw im back from the trip with my super BFF, yao. had a relaxing 4 days. visiting world heritage and lots of coffee/tea time.
simply hanging out at malioboro mall, with donuts n coffee, n of coz lots of chatter.
i am already missing the cheese buns from bread talk. n avocado dicarpio, haha!

it's fun exploring a foreign place with someone who has almost the same interest as you.
it's great to catch up with best fren. im so happy to have her with me in these 4 days. when we can only meet each other for less than 5 times a year. 4 days is good enough.
i hope our next trip wont be too long from now. with xiaoyou n kaiyee joining too.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

the BFFs reunion

christmas soon~

finally we get to meet up. thanks to yao n her 2nd sis for the invitation.
we can dress nice nice, take photos n chit chat whole nite. it has been such a long time, since 5+3 gathered, exchange info n laugh non stop.
i appreciate the moments spent together! miss u all, so so much =)

Friday, December 17, 2010

coming soon

my new spectacles. over budget by rm150 but i think it's worth the cash.
coz i look cool with the new specs on. haha! it's always easy to get my business.
i bought the previous specs just bcoz the staff said i look cute. yes it's that easy to earn my cash.
i gonna change my hair style too. new colour.
perhaps perm it or cut it short short. still considering. hmm.

a new look, coming soon, to welcome 2011. yay! =)

Thursday, December 16, 2010





如果我爱上 你的笑容 要怎麼收藏 要怎麼拥有
如果你快乐 不是为我 会不会放手 其实才是拥有





Wednesday, December 15, 2010

say cheese~

my third attempt. mum says this taste good! hahaha... except it's not sweet enough n the alcohol taste is a bit too strong.
not my fault lor. my plan is to make a fruity cheese cake but i couldn't find the 'smashed papaya' mum left for me. someone curi-ed them. then no milo at home too. so i used vico. haha. im a creative chef =)
i believe my fourth attempt will be better! ganbatte ne~

Sunday, December 12, 2010

my first xmas gift!

got a package from fedex this morning. was wondering why no one inform me about it? coz usually when spore sends me stuff, they'll inform me the airway bill.

i was so delighted after i knew it's a gift for me. my first xmas gift of the year. im even happier with the thank you note. it means a lot to me! its significance is equivalent to the pass with distinction on my uni certs.

thanks rosanne, hazel, geraldine, sharon, the interns joe n shengyang. for the great time working together, in different cities, haha. they're my 'virtual' colleagues. who support me whenever i need guidance and assistance. i have not met sharon n the interns. looking forward to visiting the office in spore! oh ya, thanks to louis, michele n chris too.
i appreciate the opportunity working for aetn. history, ci & bio are all my babies. i witness how they grow from nothing to something here in msia. im glad im part of the channels.

Thursday, December 09, 2010


today is emo day. for a lot of ppl
thanks to the rain n all the issues flying everywhere
i hope things can b settled soon
no more drama, pls
i was emo until i watch 大学生了没
i love that program a lot. mayb coz i love taiwan =)

will be meeting kepong gang later
im sure i'll have a great nite, coz they're the ppl i love hanging out with
ai ai will be coming back soon, yay!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

bravo iw dec10

i like this shot a lot.
thanks siu hou for the brilliant idea.
i like my co-coord too!

bravo gemilang!

wonderful 2 days

terima kasih lucy & jasper for the wonderful 2 days trip around kl n melaka.
haha, as usual i brought them to batu caves. it started to rain so we can only proceed to somewhere in door, which is the second kl attraction in luyi's map - klcc!

we did some food hunting there, which is quite fun. from malay kuihs to toffee candy to ikan pari-pari to otak-otak... n a tour in local super market! we argued over carrots! haha how hilarious is that?! bak kut teh for dinner. n the highlight of the nite was chin's bday surprise!! everyone is amazed with chin's collection of fake food, haha!

when everyone thought we couldn't make it to malacca due to time constraint. but i have made it happened! yay! food hunt n visits to historical sites ended at 2pm, as per the plan. arrived klia at 4.30pm. that's end of the 2 days trip. hope lucy and jasper enjoyed their stay in kl. i will learn more routes and bring them to more places next time! =)

Friday, December 03, 2010

going to the jungle

still packing for iw. it's predicted to b wet this weekend. so im really worried.
digging all over the room to get my jacket n lafuma waterproof. stuffed all the important gears into my 30L dry bag. i hope it wont rain as heavily as the previous weeks.

quite excited to meet new batch of anaks. n working with new co-coord. n meeting hk frens. n having fun with the R folks. n going back to the old campsite!

it'll b a great weekend! with more insect bites. haha..

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

rain rain go away

went to bangsar just now to get nst & BH that i missed out in monitoring report. it was raining super heavily. super scary to drive alone in the rain. water flowing out from every sing hole u can find. i guess 10 more smart tunnel also cant help lor.

as i'll be going to iw this weekend, i really really hope that the rain would stop soon!
rain rain go away. raleigh kl wanna hold iw.

holiday soon~

cant wait to meet ah yao & ai ai (in 2 weeks)
wei sen is also coming back, yay!