Monday, May 31, 2010

may10 iw-ed

yes, it's YOU! the rainbow Alpha =)

alpha coords

smkb clan is getting bigger, yay!

coords gang!
whatever u name it, we're a team!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the sis will b back in 12 hours

i have tidied up the room
looks ok now, still random stuff are everywhere.
no prob, i have got myself a very good excuse to explain that. haha

plans for the weekend - IW
so it'll be a raleigh weekend.
no rain no rain no rain. bless me

plans for next week - shopping, movie, food
hahaha.. cant wait.
as i will b less busy next week. i can go makan main lepak with my sis
till our spore trip, yay!

Monday, May 24, 2010


what is LOVE? erm...
it can be very simple, or complicated... abstract yet no-exact-definition kinda feeling...

get to know through Fb that a junior from my high school is getting married to a MAN. her fiancé is older than her by quite a lot (according to their appearance la). he's bald. he's not lengcai at all, while my junior is not super pretty but she's good looking - cute n decent.
why did she choose to marry an uncle? i know im bad, but i would categorize such a MAN as uncle. she's still young. still charming. still a long way to go. i seriously dont understand why. asked mummy. mummy said as long as the guy loves her n she loves the guy. why am i so kepoh?

yes, im kepoh. just like what dino concluded on fri nite, luyi only likes lengcai. true enough. im always curious to find out why a pretty girl would date a not-so-good-looking or ugly guy. or uncle. becoz he's rich? becoz he's sexy? or what?
not to say im pretty, but who doesnt fall for hot guys? at least i knew LLQ n grace definitely would. haha. think peiting n aiai would too. not to forget kalaivani. so im very sure that i am normal. =)

just finished another online novel. this is the second one for this month. i learnt more about love, friendship n life. thanks to a special who reminded me about the author. i had fun exploring different love stories - all made in taiwan. i will visit this beautiful country very soon...

luyi says:
i am totally fine with him, i have moved on pretty well. glad that i dont feel awkward anymore. but im upset that he did not keep our promise. mayb our definitions/expectations for friendship are very different. i thought friends for life could share everything. i thought there shouldn't be any barrier even after all the dramas. i thought we understand each other well enough. i thought we wouldnt mind. coz that's our promise. because of the promise, i've changed. A LOT.

but reality proved me wrong. recently we've become strangers. we dont chat like how it used to be. we are super polite to each other (that sucks the most). i dont know what's going on with his life n i guess he doesnt care about mine. he would share his probs with ms.C but not the so called PA who have been supporting him through all the battles. im sad. indeed disappointed with myself. what have i done wrong? it hurts. when your used-to-be-very-close fren treats u like a stranger.

not sure if you read my blog, but if u do, can u pls sms me? so that i know we're not stranger. our promise is still ON. forever! (but i gotta feeling that i wont receive that sms, ok i know it's time for red bean ice)

saw this from dino's blog. a very cool song. to tell u what's LOVE =)

Saturday, May 22, 2010




当我在读那些马拉松所发生的事迹时,去年参加 RIMM 的点点滴滴又涌上心头。

那让我想起了我买的那10瓶 yakult, 原本打算在第二天的早餐拿来surprise 大家的。



Thursday, May 20, 2010


我相信参加了 Raleigh 的人一定会变,无论想法,或行为。

看了 RHK 几位仁兄的blog, 我更加确定我是正常的。
为什么我有那么多梦想?而且我认为我的梦想都是可以实现的 =)

原来那被称为Raleigh effect...

没有经历 Raleigh 的人是不会明白 expedition 带来的震撼和感动。


Sunday, May 16, 2010

random random stuff

i need a lot of these...
to get rid of the recent emo-ness
one week is the dateline

what i did on fri nite?
no not clubbing. but midnite movie at lake gardens
the video n audio system. cool!

sis sounds so hong-kie lor
im jealous. i must get into NOW TV soon

only the PROs understand this =)

Saturday, May 15, 2010




Thursday, May 13, 2010

lessons learnt

lesson 1:
not everything he said is GOOD
yea i realise that. progressing. trying not to listen to him. hence the 2 weeks challenge.

lesson 2:
How to reject ppl nicely?
i must learn to reject ppl. im way too kind already lor. although i complain a lot, i hardly say NO to things n ppl that i dislike. must improve!!

lesson 3:
be more hardworking. haha. get more coverage.
no more procrastination, plsss.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

lizzie is coming to KL again!

labuan layang layangan beach
still having post expedition blues
still very tan =)

the super cool MTV shirts. bought at sipitang
our uniform. haha. our badminton dreams. yay!

we drove almost an hour to look for the secret beach. mission fail
all of us fell asleep in the 4WD except the driver, luckily.

and yea, lizzie is coming to KL next month. for the nottingham games. she's playing badminton. yay! i wish i could watch her play live. i shall start learning the directions to semenyih. haha.

i'll be meeting her again, after 2 years. it has been a long wait.. lets talk about tampasak, danum, sabah, UK and badminton. i must show her all the pictures i took in tampasak last year. our kindergarten is still in proper condition. im proud. i bet she's too.

cant wait to see you, lizzie!

the PT-AiAi moments

i miss these moments.
random talks. cam-whore. debates. food. laughter =)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am featured in China Press

yes. i am featured. check this:

after arranging for more than 30 interviews throughout my PR experience. finally im the interviewee this time. super excited. have been waiting since last tuesday to read the article. im glad she mentioned peiting's story. peiting is an essential part of my raleigh story. haha.

my kindergarten in tampasak was featured again. i am so proud!
but why is vincent's picture the biggest among all? i bet he paid the journalist. blek... =P


Saturday, May 08, 2010

the drama saturday

staff training. 1st session. was a little nervous.
ppl ffk la. ppl complain la. raining la. i just lost my confidence. dunno why.
sms-es from the boss was like some magic spell. i felt better really.

everything started off quite smoothly until i was informed that the venue i have chosen for training was occupied by other event. OMG. first drama of the day.

but it was settled easily. just changed venue lo. went back to our fav bukit jalil park.
we were late coz transfering the logs took quite some time.

luckily adrian started the ice breaking first. thanks a lot, man.
started the training. game 1. break. game 2. set up tent. done.
as usual, we took a very long time to decide where to lunch.
we talked about mayday concert, iw, smkb, etc etc for about 20mins b4 we finally left the park.

had some girly moments with ah chin in the car. thanks, girl.
after logs, went to sri petaling for lunch.
the awesome smkb team sat together to talk about our secret mission.
i never expect the boys to be so gungho. haha. i enjoyed the mission.

as pomised, i wont post any pictures of the mission, or explain what happened.
but i will share the job delegation of our wonderful team. haha.
the driver - leong
the snatcher - siu hou
the observer - rica
the PM - luyi
hahahahaha... u guys have made my day! second drama of the day!

mission KKK completed! looking forward to our next mission. Mayday. =)
ok, the most embarrassed part is i wanted a group picture of our awesome team. with the awesome car. haha.
so we posed in front of rica's house n her dad was the photographer.
i bet her family will think that luyi is a crazy girl. oops. i am still a normal girl.
i have repeated LuYi is normal for at least 10 times today. haha.

ps: despite all the crazy thoughts, i am very normal. just that im a little more creative =)

Thursday, May 06, 2010

陶晶瑩says: 承認




Wednesday, May 05, 2010

陶晶瑩says: Girls at 20

所以,二十歲比三歲多一點的是,他們可以到更遠的地方,但卻仍然像個孩子般地容易受傷、任性,對人情世事一知半解,還很小,still very young。

Girls at 20




Tuesday, May 04, 2010

infamous kwunyam san

sis sent me the picture. they talked about our story again. haha. guess we're the legends of RIMM.. our getting lost n being rescued drama gets higher hits than the couple who proposed during the closing ceremony. haha.

ps: i will be interviewed by China Press later. nothing to do with getting lost. haha. it's about expedition. looking at my pictures, i realised how tan i was when i just came back from sabah.

wow. it has been 2 years.
n im going to sabah again this aug =)

Monday, May 03, 2010

Saturday, May 01, 2010

sing k - pillow talk

i did not sleep on 30th april
went shopping alone at one u to get mayday concert ticket. lunch. n ck's farewell gift. oh also snacks for monthly meet. rush home to get ready for ck's farewell karaoke session. haha

ck's farewell was a blast
we makan-minum-nyanyi-ketawa terbahak-bahak
he's quite emo. think he will miss us a lot. we will miss him too. the very important guy in comm.
sang till 3am. that's a record.
i still have to attend MM the next morning. what a responsible skills officer!

woon chin stayed overnite at my place.
we decided not to sleep as we know we will oversleep. haha.
but we couldn't tahan at 4.30am. so we off the lights. dunno why we started pillow talk. as a result, we're still awake at 630am.
im very shocked when i realise that she's not as blur as i thought. think girls are pretty sensitive when it comes to things like that. haha. girl's instinct mah.
her info was pretty shocking. that's why i couldn't sleep. but thanks to her. im more determined to move on in life. to not day dream about something impossible.
today, woon chin is so not blur. she is so wise. =)