Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SABAH here i come again

yeah i have booked my air tickets to SABAH...
not only to attend regional conference.. also to visit my kampung!!
i miss all the ppl in sabah so so much...
Gaya Street + TAMPASAK + Akinabalu... im visting all of u this time..
yeah.. super excited now...

flying on 17 Nov n coming back on 24 Nov...
i dont care if im working already..
i dont care if im broke..
i must go Sabah again!!

well, thanks to karlye.. im flying via MAS this time..
it has been such a long time since i flew with MAS..
looking forward to the free food on board.. haha


Sunday, September 27, 2009

career break

i like the way tam karlye introduce me... she's luyi.. currently she's on her career break so she's looking for freelance job.. wow, sounds so bergaya...

anyway, im WORKING tomorrow.. dont be too shocked with the news... it's a last minute decision btw... i think it's time to make some money n stay away from getting rot... so i accepted the offer to answer n transfer phone calls at a travel agency.. ya ya i know it's not a very LUYI job...

hmm, i take it as an opp for me to save for my EUROPE trip.. yeah that's my motivation.. lizzie asks me to visit her at nottingham, she asked: when are u coming over, it has been quite some time since we traveled together, lets meet up in UK.. the invitation's really tempting.. i miss lizzie very much... she's the only person who can understand my love for badminton n KKK... haha.. she admires dato lee chong wei..

itu nottingham kat UK, not the semenyih wan.. so i must work hard for it.. i believe that my beloved 5+3 president is waiting for me at cambridge too.. n costa rica.. should i proceed?

starting from tmr, i'll be karlye's colleague.. haha.. n im sitting opposite her.. sure banyak kecoh + banyak gossip...

Palm-ed + Raleigh KL bday-ed

super busy day for me!
went subaru palm challenge in morning, as early as 6am..
response was not very positive.. so registration was delayed till 10am..
i palmed for 1.5 hours.. i still dont get it why the marshal blew the whistle?
my palm still within the line loh.. stupid..
none of us get free trip to singapore
we went makan indon food to reward ourselves after standing under hot sun.. haha..
after that, went home, terus pengsan..
woke up at 5.40pm.. went straight to poh e's house to help her with party..

celebrated raleigh 10th birthday with the gang..
had fun.. with lanterns, food n video shooting..
haha.. a memorable saturday!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


this is how i pee n poo in tampasak

my bed + pillow + blanket + diary + lots of love from home

dirty girl still need to shower in the jungle

i nearly drowned here.. but i still love danum

this is considered neat n clean in sabah

the kids love luyi, luyi loves them too

to them: this is just 2 nails n a plank
to me: this is my kindergarten

jasper was in my group for all 3 phases
tom is the army guy who promised to buy me a big house n 6 cars

sand flies in mamutik are STUPID

Monday, September 21, 2009

work hard, play harder

went recced at P5 this morning..
took ktm.. n i was early.. guess my punctuality has improved..
no more sabah time.. no more raleigh time.. haha..

it was more like a gathering for the crazy raleigh folks more than a working day..
we looked for game sites.. gossip-ed (i must complain to boss what happened lo).. cooked udon for lunch.. clear the camp site...

it was a fun outing i would say.. celebrating hari raya in the forest with my raleigh mates.. listening to expedition stories... talking about future plans...

oh ya, future venturers pls STOP spreading my CRYING STORY in long pasia.. i cried once only during the treak.. OK, maybe twice... i did not cry everyday... i was the princess of maga falls loh.. why now i become the crying baby of long pasia?? Nooh must be drinking a lot so he's too drunk n a bit confused with the story.. I DID NOT CRY EVERYDAY!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

the only msian tourists

a trip to KLCC skybridge with ms farm woon chin... we are the only local tourists there... super funny loh...
i dont understand why ms farm brings her beanie along n she insisted to put it on when we were at level 41...
anyway as long as she's happy n she doesnt force me to do silly stuff with her... im fine with anything... hahahahaha...

Monday, September 14, 2009

post burning flames blue

im suffering from post burning flames blue now..
i google about HK fire service department almost every night before i go to bed...
i wanna know how the announcement was made in the fire station when my sis n i got lost in kwun yan san...

is it like that?
地址是: bla bla bla

i know im super mou liew.. but im really curious to know lo..
must visit the fire station when i go HK in dec.. im serious..
according to the website, i can apply to visit any fire station in HK.. haha..
burning flames fans like me will surely make full use of this service...
u know, i joined kadet bomba when i was in form 1 after watching burning flames 1...

if im a HK citizen, i'll consider to join the fire service department =P

Saturday, September 12, 2009

WPC 66307

watching burning flame 3 reminds me of my very exciting experience of getting lost in hong kong during RIMM... people around me have been listening to 307's adventures more than 10 times... but im still very excited about it... i believe sis shares the same feelings too.. haha...

due to my muka tembok-ness, (i have very thick skin after i joined raleigh =P) i msg mo kit (he's a real HK police officer) to help me buy EU car magnet, the 1 that i saw in TVB series... although he told me they dont sell it anymore, (he actually went to the souvenir shop to check for me, darn paiseh) he promised to bring me visit Hong Kong Police Souvenir Gallery... hahahahahahaha.. im super EXCITED now...

i have checked the website:

there are a lot of things that i wanna buy from the souvenir gallery... cant wait to go hong kong in dec... i should have joined christal there... i wanna buy the EU car figurine... think i should check out HK fire services souvenirs too... hahahaha...

i have new agenda in HK now... to shop at the police n fire services souvenir gallery... haha... i know when u guys read this post, u guys will say: it's so luyi, beh tahan loh... then show me CK's classic look... hahahahaha... ya, it's so WPC 66307....

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

i miss getting lost in HK

the proud malaysian teams taking train to starting point
we all looked super PRO with rucksacks n the outdoor gears
but none of us completed the race.. haha

team 307 did not plan to get lost.. we tried very hard to complete the race.. i swear!

teva sponsored teams 307 + 308
we really thought either 1 team can win at least the third or fourth placing
our target is not to be the last women team

jalur gemilang, a gift from grandpa
i brought it to the great wall of china + support KKK at malaysia open
then to HK... but it only served as my prop for photo opp, poor flag

if im given a second chance, i'll still choose to get lost at kwun yam san n call the police... i enjoyed being rescued by super yau yeng firemen n police officer... mayb i should hide somewhere among the bushes so that they'll send the helicopter rescue team... haha... the experience is MEMORABLE... have u experienced being in the EU vehicle sitting next to a high ranking HK royal police officer... my 25USD is definitely worth it!!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

my third MM-ed

what i did last weekend? it's raleigh monthly meet again... the poor skills officer went recced for carpark spots at 12.30am becoz some idiot keep bugging me with silly instructions... i was super annoyed...

to prove that i can handle everything on my own, i went to FRIM at 12.30 mid nite for recce then bought snacks at seven eleven... slept at 1.30am, woke up at 6.50am...

arrived at kl sentral before 8 but only paul was there... i knew everyone has learnt their lesson that raleigh comm is always late.. so now it's their turn to arrive late.. i dont blame anyone coz it's my fault for being 30mins late last meeting... i shall improve our punctuality next time...

ice breaking was lame but fun... thanks hui mei n woon chin for the games as i had to gau tim the big fat lady at the counter... had some arguments with the management coz i insisted not to hire a guide... what the heck la... it's just frim lo... why do i have to pay rm80 for a freaking guide?? the lady was quite harsh so i got mr president to speak to her... it's super duper unfair... her tone changed when she knew she was speaking with the president... i wonder will she be so gentle if she knows that my president is about my age n he looks like a college student... haha...

anyway, with the persuasion skills of a sales engineer, mr president managed to convince her that we can handle the trek without a guide... after the conversation, the fat lady continued to lecture me... bla bla bla... if i was not representing raleigh, i will scold her back...

after the sweet n short meeting, we started with the educational trail... the guide got lost after 20mins... told mr president not to trust a person with no sense of direction to take charge of the trek... this is what we called love... love is blind ma.. so he trusted him.. i hope he can be wiser next time...

went back to the main road n took the usual trail to canopy walkway... it's all uphill but still ok for raleigh's standard.. canopy walk was fun because of all the camwhore... haha... then we used the picnic aka waterfall trail... took group picture then i realised some1 went missing... angeline was not with marble goby... OMG...

luckily she appeared magically after we went back to the carpark... or else i'll cry... i have been trying so so hard not to ruin my third MM.. i cant afford anything bad to happen lo.. i'll blame myself to the max...

some1 suggested to go metropolitan park for kite flying next MM... n they actually volunteered to organise it.. wow... finally... im very proud of myself lo... i think this MM was considered a successful 1... the people enjoyed it!!

i was truly exhausted mentally n physically.. not because of trekking but organising the whole thing alone... well, mr president did help me here n there la.. thanks for his trust n confidence... i'll do better next time... being skills officer is not an easy task afterall... 3 MM-ed... 9 more to go... work harder, ms skills officer...

ps: i got flu after i got home... raleigh, pls compensate me with 2 kgs of red beans.. thanks... hahahaha...

Thursday, September 03, 2009


我是出了名的 anti social
大大小小的 gathering 我可免则免
so, 我可以走得很潇洒

辞职是我的决定, 所以我不后悔
虽然未来是个未知数, 但我非常期待...

ps: 我妈说她从没看过那么开心的失业人士... 哈哈, 这就证明了我的决定是没错的.. 我不可能为了一点小钱而牺牲我的快乐..

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

gonna say bye bye soon

PFTF - most memorable project

Jurassic Fight Club screening

Crack the Case

HINO Prime Mover launch

Kawal Aedes Campaign

ELZYA'S New Collection

B&O 50th anniversary in TV making

World Contraception Day 2008

Tuesday, September 01, 2009



吓坏了一些关心我的朋友 =P