Thursday, August 29, 2013

没有Nero的日子 Day xx


在JB时就深深感受到Nero是多么能干。有他在身边,所有问题都迎刃而解。虽然有时候他很白目,又一直翻我白眼,但无可否认他的确比同年龄的Part-timer聪明伶俐, 而且醒目很多,我从来不需要手忙脚乱。昨天被笨笨的Part-timer摆了一道,就超不爽的。今天自己key in evaluation form 的 data,真的被打败了。打了快一个小时才做好了5%。平常Nero很快搞定的哦。好想哭!最搞笑的是我和大佬都不会的coding 竟然是Nero搞定的。人家才21岁leh! 自尊心严重受损。

小弟弟, 为什么你那么厉害?为什么你要闯进我们的生活,然后拍拍屁股就离开。你知不知道没有你的日子,我们好难过。没有你的冷笑话,没有你这个皇牌当借口偷懒,没有你那令人厌烦的无奈表情,没有你坐在我后面,还有很多还来不及发生的事。


nearly exhausted

snow angel will bless me. as always
i'll be strong 
have been busy with work
i believe everything will be smoother after the break
aza aza fighting!
cant wait to visit my soul mates in singapore
jen jen & yee, im coming!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

it has been a year, oh no

sometimes i really hope i can leave everything behind
and go back to new zealand
to be more specific, back to national park
one year ago, i had rib fracture because i went riding in bad weather
one year later, i think i'll make the same decision =P

F&B jug night
we played  beer pong, card games n drank lots of beer
i must visit yee to reminisce our good old times

Sunday, August 25, 2013


明天又去公干。这一次没有助理任我差遣,没有爱心早餐,也是和大佬最后一次合作。希望一切顺利。哦,这也是最后一次和麻烦 client 搞 event。人家要退休了。

Friday, August 23, 2013



i love hk =)

busy busy busy me

try harder. you'll get there. 

ps: i miss u. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

the bros at work

the cute little bro from HK
ok gotta admit i never treat him as a lil bro
more like a big bro? haha
he was my PA for 1.5 months
very smart n nice boy who always entertain my random requests
thanks for the amazing time spent together at our first events
thanks for the princess treatment. thanks for being my buddy! 

dai lou, i and the PA = the samsung dream team
together we fought with bitches at event
laughing out loud. having loads of fun wherever we go
two of u are leaving me. but, 
i'll love you guys. forever!
we'll meet again, soon =)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

farewell. again

the super gwiyomi tourists in melaka
finally, we brought nero to melaka
his farewell trip. glad that we made it

one of the the very rare moments of being tourist in penang 
we enjoyed the food as much as the company
i will definitely miss you

Thursday, August 15, 2013

dont leave me pls

dai lou has just resigned. i knew it. i knew it when he text me that afternoon. didnt expect i would cry. this shows how much i treasure his company at work. 

he backs me up whenever the boss merajuk. he talks to the designers when i complain they are hard to deal with. he shares gossips with me. he's my love adviser. he's my dai lou. the best dai lou ever. one of the colleagues whom i would refer as a friend. a good friend. 

PA leaving me on fri. n dai lou leaving me in a month. guys, u know how much i love u, dont leave me alone. 

super emo day.

Monday, August 12, 2013

daddy says: i am princess

wish i can be a princess forever
n stay away from all the annoyance in life 
life's great, but it can be better
the best is yet to come. add oil 

Saturday, August 03, 2013

ups n downs

didnt get to meet yifan in penang due to the super busy schedule
i'll visit u in perlis, i promise!

that's my first outstation work trip. minus the workload. 
only had 1.5 hours to play the role of tourist
thanks to my hk intern, i get to at least enjoy some good food

bye bye copywriter n web designer
too busy. didnt have much time for farewell
till we cross paths again =)