Saturday, October 30, 2010

flash mob, wow!

hey guys,
u all have been listening to me talking about p ramlee. to get a better idea of what im working on, remember to catch P Ramlee documentary on HISTORY (Atsro channel 555), 31 oct 9pm.
terima kasih banyak banyak!

next week will be monthly report week. i gotta finish them soon.
coz i wanna join uniqlo's opening sales. haha. n i wanna watch movie.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


i woke up extra early every day. stuck in the crazy traffic with other working adults.
now i know malaysians do go to work as early as 6.45am.
i was seriously shocked when i see so many cars on the road.
hmm i have been working from home for the past 1 year.
i usually wake up at 9am. check email then nap. then check email. then slack. oops!

anyway it was an awesome week!
visiting different tv stations n meeting ppl i only see on screen or behind the scene is an eye opening experience.
it's really fun to watch live interviews. see how the crew operates the machines.
get nervous when the host or the interviewees gave inaccurate info.
plus can meet leng cai tv hosts. hahaha.
naz is quite good looking. hansen is definitely the star =)

i am glad to meet shuhaimi baba, aida and chris.
getting to speak to them is a great learning opp. they are very passionate about films.
and they are super friendly. the interviews went well. good for them n good for me, yay!
well done, everyone!

oh this whole week, i finish work when everyone else just starts to work. it's pretty cool!
it's worth taking the path less traveled. im enjoying it! cheers!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

and my stand is...

im still the same old luyi
i wont change my mind
for whatever reason
unless you're KKK or torres. i mean it.

on the other hand, i got this weird suggestion for the executive producer
when shall i share this great plan with him?
i wonder what'll his reaction be.. hmm..

Monday, October 25, 2010

P Ramlee

yup, p ramlee, again
guess ppl around me have been listening to 'p ramlee'
most of the time for the past few weeks. haha
i look super tired in the picture
the concert ended at 1am
this whole week will be morning interviews at tv stations
the docu will be aired this sunday, wow!
finally finally i could take a break from p ramlee

cant remember if i posted this photo b4
he's the guy who tells me how amazing costa rica is
im very tempted to visit chiangmai & south america

Saturday, October 23, 2010

im not free

it has been a tiring week, as expected.
i drove to astro three times this week. dbkl once. bandar utama once. taman tun once. hilton once. will be going to dbkl again on sunday.
im glad that i can still survive after getting lost in kl uncountable times. the traffic is seriously crazy. getting a parking in the city is crazy too. i hate kl. i really do!
now i understand why dolphin queen insists to stay in sabah. i wish i could get a job there too.
get rid of kl traffic would be my biggest dream!

working from home is not as easy as you think, ppl.
u gotta be the event planner, pr planner, accountant, translator, designer, usher, store manager, and even the dispatch/kuli.
a lot of ppl ask: why cant you get courier company to do all the delivery?
well, can u make sure the delivery guy checks the serial number of the concert tickets after receiving them. then send them to the guests on the same day?
can you request the delivery guy to send your items first coz it's really really urgent?
can you get the guy to collect tapes at 10pm from the programming crew?
you get what i mean, rite? if it's not urgent of coz i dont have to do it myself la.

i work hard to earn every penny i receive. dont judge me based on my job title: freelance pr.
freelance doesnt mean FREE literally. okay enough of rantings.
hope everything runs smoothly this sunday. so i could take a break next week.
oh no, monthly report is due next week.
see, im not FREE!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


wilson challenge 得以依计划进行。
mali mali hom... bili bala bom...

也顺便替自己祈求星期日的 event 顺顺利利。


在离开 event 场地时遇见一个帅哥,声音超有磁性。

Monday, October 18, 2010

busy busy week ahead

start of my busy working week
to-do list:
collect dvd from astro
disseminate media invite for p ramlee concert
compile rsvp list for media interview
venue set-up at hilton kl
media interview + screening
rsvp for concert
hidden cities media monitoring
media registration at concert on sunday

what else? hmm...
wedding dinner on sat & yumcha on fri & eat pray love whenever im free

Friday, October 15, 2010

3 golds from KKK

first gold: mixed team
if they do not get gold in this event,
guess rexy would have to resign
i dont understand why ppl 'up there' always
blame him if the players dont perform well
hey, it's obviously not his fault la

second gold: mixed double
think both of them did not expect this gold,
as they're not regular partners
and they played against the first seed from england
but they made it with class, yay!

the third gold
super exciting game!
i agree with The Sun commenting that
it's entertaining to watch kkk-tbh playing
against the english men with impressive quality
im proud, as a malaysian
and of coz his number one fans =)

when kkk is not playing, he supports his team mate
he's a nice guy, stop saying that he's a party boy!

oh well, i managed to catch the replay of each game and victory ceremony last nite! finally i can sing negaraku with dato lee and kkk. although it's delayed, im still proud!
it's super touched to see all malaysians at the hall sang negaraku when kkk-tbh won the mens double title. i wish i could be there, then i can give kkk a congratulatory hug. haha!
guess astro personnel knew that i would write a super kua cheong complain letter if there's no replay of the ceremony. so they aired it for me. to save my letter and their time to layan me. thanks!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

you're the MAN!

KKK you did it again! yay!!!
i still missed the proud moment to witness jalur gemilang raised and singing negaraku. sigh!

i blame KL traffic. i blame the stupid drivers who're on the phone.
i blame the my no-sense-of-direction. arghhh!
will there be any replay of the prize giving ceremony?

3 more golds!

3 more gold medals later, and we're done!
i hope for 2 golds from mr Koo! i have faith in you!
okla i have faith in dato lee too.
gold gold gold!

i gotta check out the venue for concert at DBKL hall by 3pm.
can i bring my tv along?
i wanna witness jalur gemilang being raised at the podium
negaraku being sung, everyone stood up to show respect for the winning country
negaraku will be played 3 times later! im sure!
fingers crossed =)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i wish...

i wish i could dive with my diving buddy at mamutik again
will, i promise u, i wont be kicking u (that much) under the sea
im glad both of us passed the diving test
sorry for all the kicking n rescuing. haha!

- the PRS gals -
i wish we could organize another minggu B&K
another skit, another exhibition, another camp
i miss u gals loads!

i wish i could go costa rica b4 end of the world
i randomly found out on FB that a couple from RHK
join costa rica expedition together, how sweet!
gah yao ar summi & terry
(btw they dunno me, haha)

Monday, October 11, 2010



ps: 这几天发现原来我还蛮有当管家的潜质。但只限管我家最小的弟弟。哈哈!我俩相依为命了那么多天,感情又更上一层楼了。

生活小常识:当你很懒惰,又很累,又不知道要吃什么的时候,可以叫身在香港的妹妹 online order dominos. 你付钱和吃就可以了。我真聪明!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 10 10

10 oct 2010 is a special day. it happens only once in every 100 years.
hence i celebrated the special occasion with some super special (aka crazy) ppl!

finally, the giraffe slide!
i have been wanting to take pic with the slide since last year
thanks pipo =)

the mid nite surprise + burger + party
a very kecoh nite started with nanny GQ bugging kalai
studying the map, eating ice cream, gossiping
then off to pipo's with burger, guitar n more gossips

sending off venturers @ LCCT
my dear anak from delta, shen n shi han!
your cute n nice mama is so so proud of u!

jing wen, my anak who MIA after IW
gah yau bah!

Friday, October 08, 2010

third gold from josiah!

malaysia's third gold from my second fav malaysian athlete, josiah ng. i once wished to become his manager. i was so sad when i knew that his fiance (think she's now his wife) is also a pr consultant. so chances of me being is manager is zero. aiksss...

lets hope that my fav malaysian athlete, KKK wins another gold in badminton mixed team!
im a bit regret to ajak yumcha. i might miss the badminton match. how ah??
old town got no tv rite? i shall change the venue to mamak, or my house better.. can bah?
why am i talking to myself here? ok it's time to sleep.
good nite ppl!

ps: im worried about going to the bank. im super idiot in banking. why this happens when my mum is not in the country. god bless me!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

my hidden city

hey guys,
hidden cities, a super cool program will be premiering on HISTORY (astro channel 555) soon. there's a contest for you to win camcorder, camera and a dream holiday package. just send in your story of a hidden city in your country or a secret holiday spot to Hidden Cities Contest

oh ya, you might find my story HERE too. haha.
writing the article reminded me of alpha 6, pak nooh, mak cik aman, jeff, joe, maga falls, bat cave, and of coz luyi's crying story. haha.

i'll visit long pasia again =)

Monday, October 04, 2010

our first gold!

we got the first gold! yeah yeah yeah!!!
finally Negaraku is being played at the podium!
well done, Amirul Hamizan Ibrahim!
this is the first time i watched weigh lifting from the start to the end.
cheered so hard for the malaysian athletes, and we made it!
more gold medals tomorrow!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

wow, it's Oct!

busy with monthly reports over the weekend.
it means another month has passed.
it's already October, wow!
last year, around this time, i left the pr agency.
worked part time at a travel agency.
got a job offer from ex client. freelance pr consultant. sounds cool. haha
and it's almost one year since i started yap luyi sdn bhd. wow!
latest update: contract will be extended till may 2011
i have rejected a few job offers since i quit my previous job
i hope good luck is still with me, when i need to apply for a job in future =P
i wish i can get a job in hk 2 years later. now tv, wait for me!