Wednesday, November 30, 2011



我一定可以在台湾遇到宋杰修。我也不介意成为山猪妹。林晓如和叶茹薏就只差两个字吖!而且她的英文名是 lulu, 哈哈。


Saturday, November 26, 2011

my girls

finally met up with kai yee and xiao you. it has been so long. too much to catch up. we have planned a short trip to celebrate 5+3's friendship! cant wait to meet up with everyone again, especially when yao is back next month. we have been friends for more than 10 years, yay! 

this is a happy week. coz i met up with the boys on mon then the girls on sat. had so much fun with all of them. even though wed was a bad day for me, yes it's all because of work. i still consider this week a very contended one for me. i have made decisions. decided what i wanna do next. and working hard towards my goals. so yeah, i know i can make it with the support of my dear friends! love you all!  

we were so cute. and we are still very cute =)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

kena con again

the moral of the story: do not trust anyone when you are making important decision. only trust your instinct. 


it's definitely happier that way. when you have no one to blame. you'll work your best to be happy. my only solution now is: stop complaining, and plan for the future. no point thinking about the past coz you cant change anything. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

awesome nite out with the boys

the impromptu dinner turned into birthday celebration for pohkiat and weisen. it was a great to catch up with everyone, although we just met last week. i have promised that i wont be complaining about work, i'll keep the promise, no worries lah. we had a lot of fun, discussing our future plans! 

we talked about our carpark business again. initially it was my dream. now it has become everyone's dream. haha. i strongly believe that the guys love hanging out with me because i make them feel young. who on earth will teach them how to rob the bank/ start bbq chicken wings stall/ buy lottery etc. 

we have new planned some cool stuff when aiai and peiting are back in Jan. cant wait to execute the secret dream-come-true mission together. cheers! 

Happy Birthday, guys!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

travel again?

watched an interview on astro about a lady who travels around the world with the budget of 10USD per day. her travel experience is quite inspiring, she went to middle east and tibet by hitchhiking. that needs a lot of courage and good luck! that's also the best way to initiate interaction with the locals. im sure the raleigh folks would love traveling to kampung-like places and make lots of kecohness, haha. 

but i totally disagree that she went into some sights without paying the entrance ticket. she either sneaked in through the back door or pretended that she didnt see the guards. telling white lies during travel is acceptable, almost everyone has done that. but skipping the compulsory entrance fee is morally wrong, that's what i learnt in schools. of coz i knew that some entrance tickets are pretty expensive, so if you cant afford, dont go in at all lor. you should contribute to the maintenance of the sights if you would like to visit them. at least i feel so, haha!

anyway, i shall start planning for 2012. where to go and what to do. it's time to make new resolutions. i have to accept the fact that 2012 is not end of the world =) so i gotta work and live harder. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

idiots are just idiots

i have been complaining a lot about work. guess it's time to put a full stop to all the rantings. thanks to everyone who layan me, haha. i know you guys are tired, am sure your ears hate me! trust me, this is the last time i am complaining about this stupid company, and all the stupid clients. 

work is still the same, full of crap. working hard to secure interviews, then on the day before the interview, client canceled it for the dumbest reason in the world, she has no time to brief the interviewee. seriously WTF, isn't that your job? what if i tell you i have no time to pitch the interviews? 

clients are not always right! clients can be dumb too, very dumb at times. to the bimbo in HK, paying us a retainer doesn't mean that i am your slave or your robot who listens to you all the time, fulfilling all your silly requests, helping you clean the mess after you create havoc. i dont buy this idea at all. so stop trying to control me. i am not my boss. my boss can promise you the star, moon or whatever on earth just for that small amount of money. but i cant. my dignity is more important than everything else. 

bosses are not always right too. some bosses can be very lame, some are vain pots, some are naive. reminder to self: i will not be like them. if i do, please shoot me.

after posting this, everything at work still sucks, just let them be. idiots cant be transformed anyway. 

Monday, November 14, 2011



PS: 以上的照片是在南港捷运站拍的。还记得当时为了拍完几米的整幅作品,我和妹妹被工作人员赶了好多次;经过的列车应该有5个班次或更多,车里的人一定以为我们傻了,一直不上火车。但我们还是成功了,哈哈!

Sunday, November 13, 2011




很肯定的是:我更爱台湾啦!我要去十分放天灯 =)


Friday, November 11, 2011

2 divas in 2 weeks

a lot of people think PR means attending events & meeting celebs, that is so darn wrong! pls stop asking me if i meet celebs everyday? no i dont. and i hope i dont have to meet them. having celebs at any event is way too tiring, for me at least. 

have been busy with 2 events since last week. first one was a cocktail event, the VVIP is a super star celeb from the US. if you read the papers, you know who im referring to. she's ok but her fans are crazy! the whole event is so messy. moreover due to the miscommunication among client and agencies and other third parties, there're so much of crisis management and follow up. not fun at all. i hate being blamed for things that are none of my business. yes im controlled by my ego, so what?!  

just last night i witnessed the crowning of a brand new beauty queen. this is another dealing-with-the-diva exercise for me. luckily this is not my account. im just the keh leh feh running around to help my bosses with the execution. another messy stunt due to insufficient planning and communication. thanks to this event, i know i will not stay very long in this company. for a very simple reason: im a PR practitioner, im not cheap labour. 

now i need to settle the contract. might need lawyer Q's consultation, again. haha... 

Saturday, November 05, 2011






Tuesday, November 01, 2011