Sunday, June 30, 2013

dont ask me out till next april

met the sweetest couple on earth today. spent a lovely day with them. and im missing them already!!! they invited me and my partner to their wedding next april. and travel in south america for months (yes months)! 

so my plan for now is to save enough money for the trip to chile next april.  get a partner to go with me. and quit my job in order to make the trip happen. gotta settle all these in 9 months. possible bah? 

am so happy to meet eileen and david again. they're the nicest and sweetest couple i have ever met. very passionate in everything they do. very thoughtful and helpful. enjoyed having dinner with them. had so much fun making quiche and muffin together. trying hard to get on t-bar. snowboard down knoll ridge. and i still remember eileen's super excited reaction after david proposed to her at crater lake. 

i wanna be part of their wedding. and so i have to start saving now. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

awfully sweet

 something for the stressful fren  
this is juvenile humour according to him :P

stop being emo. it doesnt suit you 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

life is like a box of chocolates

full of adventures ahead

sometimes tranquil

you wont know what surprises you'll get along the journey

no matter what, it's great to have a companion who shares the same interest
who speaks the same language
who appreciates who you are

looking forward to more surprises

Tuesday, June 25, 2013




Monday, June 24, 2013




Thursday, June 20, 2013

a good day

today is a good day. i made more frens. got confirmed. said what i wanna say. completed most of the work.  had some arguments with the digital guy. but i think i won, haha. and i actually had fun staying back. oh no that's not a good sign. girls talk with BFF from hk. got a reply from him at 12am. that made my day! 

and yea, tomorrow will be a better day. i know it'll be =) 

Monday, June 17, 2013

back for more challenges

back from the super dramatic trip. a good recharge though. like how i explain to everyone, the fact that i dont have to go to work for 3 days is good enough. a short break from the hectic workdays. am now back for more challenges at work and in life. will do my best. appraisal in 3 days. 

preview of the trip. till im free and not too lazy to blog about the trip, lol. 

my first shot with lake toba. i quite like the kampungs around
simple yet lots to discover

no sunrise. hence camwhore time
we're young n energetic, yes we are!

right after this SOS shot. we really needed SOS
too bad no one was able to help. we gotta settle it on our own
am glad that we survived

my cutest pose as of now. lol
i really really think I AM CUTE =)

it's so good to cycle again
i miss nz. i miss cycling

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

i'll be away

will be away for 4 days. the long awaited holiday. since i started working, 2 months is like 2 years man. haha! 

busy settling the undone business. send follow up emails. farewell for kyra. oh and got to know that i'll have my appraisal after the holiday. how awesome it can be. just hope there'll be no drama when im back to work next week.  

a lot of colleagues are leaving. lunch gang is getting smaller. who will be the next to leave? hmm... luckily the eye candy is still here =) 

everyday is a new day
stay positive. be strong

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

i still cannot believe...

  • everyone laughed at me when i said ben is the most good looking guy in the company. manager said she'll intro more leng zai to me. the rest kept laughing and making fun of how i should date him. what's wrong with ben? he's not super leng zai but he's the nicest guy in the company. he'll ask me for lunch everyday. ask about how im coping with work. reminds me to rest. really mr nice guy. so he's my top 1! 
  • my second leng zai candidate left the company! and i got to know about it through the who's-the-top 5-leng-zai Q&A session for newbies. like why so sudden? but why he left? we still whatsapp each other 2 weeks ago. but he didnt mention a thing. erm i thought we're friends. should at least inform la. anyway dont think i'll ever get any text from him...
  • girl friend is dating a guy. an ordinary guy (to me). not to say he's not good but i always thought she deserves a better person. someone more brilliant. more good looking. someone with more X factor. yea that's none of my business, i know. i wish them the best. really hope that he's her mr right. fingers crossed. 
  • ok that's all for now. i guess there are 10 million things that i find them incredible around me. i have an awesome life, dont i? hahaha... 

Sunday, June 09, 2013

i shall move overseas

 this is the second time i get advice to move overseas. 
first time was from the very famous chinese temple in HK. 
second time at tarot reading. guess it's time, lol. 

am still young. thank god. shall really work things out. do what i love. 
live the life i have imagined. have more courage to take risk. 
share my passion with the world. 
i am who i want to be. 

Friday, June 07, 2013







朋友说我一直嫌同事奇怪,他们也一定在背后讨论公司里来了个奇怪的品种。走路不好好走,常常在狂奔,还差点撞到人。常恐吓要拆别人的车轮。在别人的车留字条说其他人的坏话。到处问巧克力饼干的好朋友是谁。也许吧。在同事眼中,我也是个奇怪的同事。 哈哈!